Walid – Review

A Martial Arts Action film that highlights the importance of education, in a society where some members are denied the right to seek knowledge.

Sakra – 5 Star Review

The action design is a work of art, with fight set pieces that are truly stunning to watch

Ride On – 4 Star Review

Jackie Chan gives a heartfelt and moving tribute not only to his career but also to Hong Kong Stuntmen across the industry.

Rupture – Review

Futuristic Martial Arts Blockbuster, a must for those that like Martial Arts Action ramped up to Ten

Alexander Nevsky will star in “Taken from Rio Bravo”

“Taken from Rio Bravo” is a direct sequel to “Assault on Rio Bravo” which was shot by the same team last spring. New chapter will look more like “Expendables” on the Wild West and tell the story of a dangerous rescue mission.

The Message Man – Review by Jamie M MacDonald

The stand out scene for me takes plays in a night club, tense build up, to The Message Man coming in with guns blazing, hands, knifes and swords, my jaw hit the ground with the intensity

Snow Black – Review

Sarah Camden (Sarah Buckner), a special operations soldier with PTSD, returns home to bury her mother. She realizes that she has to rid her hometown of gangs, drugs and crooked politicians so Sarah calls in her special ops buddies to clean up the town. Snow Black is a rough and ready kick ass feature and […]

Railroad Tigers coming to DVD Blu Ray & VOD 8th May 2017

A slam-bang, all-out action spectacular from the martial arts master Jackie Chan, in an eye-popping suicide mission adventure, packed with mad stunts, stunning set pieces and plenty of belly laughs.The enemy think they’re amateurs. Big mistake. Here Chan, starring in an action comedy that ranks alongside Rush Hour and Shanghai Knights, puts men half his […]

Podcast On Fire 208: Rich And Famous & Once Upon A Time A Hero In China

Podcast On Fire 208: Rich And Famous & Once Upon A Time A Hero In China Another blast from the past from January 2016. More Alan Tam time this time we take a look at 2 films on the different ends of the entertainment spectrum, I don’t hold back any punches in this episode where […]

What are your Favourite Jackie Chan Films ?

What’s your Top Ten Jackie Chan films ?  There’s plenty of Jackie Chan films to choose from but what’s your Top Ten films, with reviews less than regular on site I decided it was about time I remedied this and I’ll be counting down the Best of Jackie Chan films voted by you.  So whether […]