After the success of the action film Geran (Silat Warriors: Deed of Death) comes a Martial Arts Action film that highlights the importance of education, in a society where some members are denied the right to seek knowledge. Walid also depicts the critical issue of human trafficking where children become a commodity in the global black market.
Walid (Megat Sharizal) lives a simple small town life, donating his time to teaching under-privileged children, as well as repairing electrical items for the villagers. One day he notices a young girl, Aisha, hanging around his class and invites her to join. A bond builds between teacher and student until it is shattered by a local crime syndicate that snatches Aisha and the other children. When Walid starts to investigate Aisha’s disappearance he realizes the tentacles of the syndicate are everywhere, and takes matters into his own hands to get Aisha and her friends back before they are sold.

Director Areel Abu Bakar entrusts a team of Malaysian SILAT martial artists to perform all the action sequences–performed by highly trained martial practitioners, highly experienced in weapon combat–and choreographed by GERAN’s main lead Khoharullah Majid (3 x world Silat champion) using Malay weapons, such as CINDAI (such as sarong), KAPAK KECIL (small axe), PARANG PANJANG (long machete), among others.

A film that has a story to tell and then throws an hour long  fight sequence alongside some serious Silat Martial Arts its a different approach and by building the characters in the first half you care what happens and therefore see the journey out to its final blood soaked conclusion.  A satisfying journey that is worth taking the time to  experience.

Malaysian Martial Arts Film WALID Opening Night: July 28 (NYC) AUg. 11 (LA)

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