Picking up ‘Best British Short Film’ and ‘Best Audience Choice Award’ at the Fighting Spirit Film Festival. This is not to be missed.

Third window films presents ONE PERCENTER

Tak Sakaguchi, the legendary Japanese action star of Versus, Re:Born and Crazy Samurai Musashi teams up with director Yudai Yamaguchi (Meatball Machine, Yakuza Weapon) to invite you to experience the birth of a new form of “Real Action”!

Wanted Man – Review

Wanted Man is written, directed and stars action legend Dolph Lundgren, he truly is an action icon.

Walid – Review

A Martial Arts Action film that highlights the importance of education, in a society where some members are denied the right to seek knowledge.

Ride On – 4 Star Review

Jackie Chan gives a heartfelt and moving tribute not only to his career but also to Hong Kong Stuntmen across the industry.

Best Man – Review

Shane Dax Taylor directs a straight up die hard wannabe but that ain’t no bad thing