Review by Jamie M MacDonald

Jonathon Harker (Dean Marshal) is summoned to Castle Dracula to help the count buy property in London, Harker`s solicitors firm jump at the chance to secure Count Dracula`s (Sean Cronin) business. Harker himself or his firm have no idea the evil that waits at Transylvania Castle Dracula. Months pass, Jonathon Harker is in like a dream state losing track of time itself, he is being held prisoner by the Count and his Brides. Dracula is preparing for his journey and his rampage in London.  Mini Harker (Hannaj Bang Bendz) is at her typewriter typing her concerns to a friend about not hearing from her husband Jonathon in the past few months. When Jonathon`s boss knocks at the door with a letter from Jonathon, one managed to get through, he explains of the strange goings on at the Castle. Mini is not hearing what she wants to hear from Jonathon`s boss, the way he talks her husband is already dead. With no hesitation she sets off to Transylvania, once she arrives at the path the Castle she meets a man that will change her life forever; Doctor Van Helsing (Mark Topping) he tells her exactly what she is up against. Now, armed with the knowledge and a book on Kung Fu that she needs to survive, Mini and Van Helsing set out to battle the most powerful Vampire and his brides. Can get to and recue Jonathon before it is too late and every drop of life is drained from him?

Steve Lawson writes and directs this traditional telling of Dracula with a slight twist and a little Kung Fu. Running at only eight five minutes Lawson does not waste time setting up to the third act finale against Dracula. Hannaj Bang Bendz is excellent as Mini Harker; you can tell that she had a lot of fun with the role. Mark Topping is perfect as Van Helsing; you just believe what he saying. The acting for me was more like a stage play, which really works for the film; also it is a little tongue in cheek in places. We don`t really see Dracula himself until the final act, this really works well. It is less is more, you hear his voice as he`s standing in the shadows or see his half shadowed face which builds up tension, it`s a nice little touch. We have Jackie Chan inspired fight scenes and these are done well. It is full of interesting characters that Mini and Van Helsing meet in the village and in the inn that the stay. None is stranger and more afraid than the innkeeper excellently played by Chris Lines; he has lost his daughter to the Count.

I really liked the outtakes during the credits, you can just see how much fun the actors and crew had making the film. I don`t really want to give too much else a way. This is a very enjoyable independent British film. Kung Fu and Vampires, what more could ask for?

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