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  1. I would like to find out about a web site that
    has some of dvd,s to buy.

    1. Taichio/ jet li
    2. Flying swords of dragons gate/ jet li
    3. 1911/jackie chan
    4. assassin/city under siege
    5. The Grand Masters

    If you could advise me

    I live in the usa ca

    1. You can goto Yesasia to but City Under siege, 1911 comes out in the next week or so, the others you mention are not yet released. Hope that helps 😉

  2. I really like your website. My name is Felix a Scottish based filmmaker and founder of Popcorn Horror.

    I was thinking that our followers probably like the same type of films. Would you be up for some cross promotion?



  3. Hello my friend when we have seen the street of the UK running with young pple taken the streets and the shops with out the R word and what you use the word for who do we they follow who do we follow .I have seen how what we have found to lead us day by day all of us that have been part of the Martial Arts . I feel we can make our streets our dojos. Were all ages and colur is and are the way to better things for us all to come together in the industry for our streets the young and old have a place in the Martail Arts honesty of way can be done a true honesty is the Arts not the pple we promote the way from just doing the right thing is all about our Martail Arts I am promoting Honesty in the Arts from the flims books gym life
    I would like you to be part of this the Role of the Arts is what we all have been given and have in common.

  4. Hi I saw that you brought Shan Chang to London to in 2015 to meet and greet fans, will you ever bring him to Los Angeles. I am a huge fan and would love to come out to the event if you come here. Also is there any update on him, is he doing any new films? Thanks!!

    1. Actually it was Ricky baker who brought him over, hes been an absolute star in getting the Asian stars to come to the UK.

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