Far East Films (previously Dragon's Den UK) was created by Phil Mills in 1999, and was originally intended as a personal webpage. As the site's content began to lean further towards his love of Asian cinema, Phil decided to team up with Andrew Saroch and turn the site into a source for Asian movie news and reviews.

Sylvia AKA achillesgirl can be found at HKCinemagic but for a real treat on the eyes try her blog below, so go check out this heroic sister at her blog

Comic Book and Movie Reviews It does exactly what it says on the tin, Comics, Movies and Book reviews and you can also check out some Eastern Film reviews. Go check them out.

SammoHung.co.uk is the number one website dedicated to one of the best loved action stars of Hong Kong Cinema, Sammo Hung. From as early as 1970 Sammo has been delighting HK cinema audiences by starring, directing and choreographing films, here you will find a number of reviews of some of his best films, interviews about Sammo as well as much more!

Podcast on Fire, the show that started it all! Episode 1 was published back in late 2007 with Stoo rocking the mic solo in a very nerving situation! Luckily from then Stoo teamed up with Kennenth Brorsson (SoGoodReviews.com), Jeff Wildman (Another Film Review), Mike Banner and many more guests! Check out all the PODCAST here:

REEL EAST From the heart of Hong Kong’s high impact movie industry comes a treasure trove of classic Chinese film memorabilia. Founded by film expert Bey Logan, Reel East offers the discerning, die hard collector the chance to acquire original poster artwork and promotional memorabilia from the films of international cinema icons.
We also offer film-inspired products ranging from clothing to jewellery.

Asiancinefest News and reviews, contemplations and considerations of Asian films and filmmakers. With the occasional piece on manga, dance, music, or whatever else Asian might be of interest. Written by Dr. Stan Glick, a columnist for Asian Cult Cinema magazine.

The basic premise for Varied Celluloid is to focus on all aspects of cinema that may seem interesting to fellow film geeks. It was created with the intention of being something different than what you’ll find on the net. Genre cinema sites are a dime a dozen, but what we look for here on VC are expressive, informative or intricate reviews for films that otherwise might not be taken as serious or hasn’t had that large of an audience.  Come Check out John Samford's site.

VCinema is a podcast which primarily covers films from the Asian region from the classics to contemporary; experimental, genre, and mainstream.  VCinema started in the summer of 2009 as a streaming webshow sponsored by Varied Celluloid and hosted by Coffin Jon.

Nishikata Film review I began this blog in 2006 while teaching a course on the relationship between Japanese and Western cinema at Kanagawa University and named it after the cosy corner of Bunkyo-ku where I was living. What began as a chronicle of whatever I happened to find at the video store transformed into a journey into the world of Japanese Art Animation upon the discovery of an exhibition of the work of Tomoyasu Murata in a tiny gallery on Hongo Dori. Now living in Germany, my love of Japanese cinema is reinvigorated annually by Nippon Connection.

Subtitledonline Started life in February 2010 as the personal blog of award-winning British music editor/journalist Darren Howells, offering him the chance to muse on his love of what he peceived as superior film mak ing – films that generally come under the banner world cinema. The website will prove useful to those tired of the sterile, safe and clichéd offerings that tend to dominate our media. Please support our gimmick-free, fans-contributed website by visiting us regularly, inter­acting with the site’s fea tures and getting involved in whatever way you can. Let’s ensure foreign cinema gets the critical coverage it deserves here in the UK.

Action Movie Addict aka Reantimator Will quench your thirst for Action Movies, If it features blistering stunt sequences, Kung Fu fighting (even those featuring cartoonPandas), explosions, or even the odd old-skool Rocky-styletraining montage, The Reantimator will lap it up like the ACTION MOVIEADDICT that he / it is!

Popcorn Horror Films - PopcornHorror was founded in Scotland in 2011, by horror fans for horror fans.

We offer unique, user generated, bite sized horror thrills streamed directly to your mobile phone. This includes the best short horror films from around the world. In the future we would like to create a community who will ultimately decide how the app evolves and investigate different ways of rewarding content providers. Our ultimate goal is to create a community funded/developed horror feature film.

Dan's Movie Report Stop in, check out the posts, check out the links, and most of all enjoy the movies! Big budget and micro budget films have a home here! Watch for more contests, more reviews, and fresh interviews

AsianMovieWeb Made it its business to give westerners an understanding of Asia's multi-layered and impressive movies.  Enjoyable and informative reviews help the reader decide which movies are worth seeing.

Hong Kong BluRays You tube channel dedicated to Hong Kong Reviews, check out this lively chat with Leon and Sharon with a great format that breaks reviews down for your viewing pleasure also available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hollywood Memorabilia your premiere destination for authentic entertainment memorabilia and Hollywood collectibles. For music lovers, we carry memorabilia from some of the biggest names in the business that are touring all around the world and releasing amazing, chart-topping records. More of a movie lover? For the movie buffs out there, we have thousands of modern and vintage signed movie posters and unsigned movie posters, including rare posterprint and masterprint versions of domestic and international cinema posters.