Review by Jamie M MacDonald
After he hits the news for all the wrong reasons Police Officer Travis Johansen (Dolph Lundgren becomes a PR nightmare for his department. His captain goes all out for him getting him assignment. Go to Mexico to retrieve an eyewitness Rosa (Christina Villa) to a DEA bust that went very wrong, or retire. Knowing it`s just a publicity stunt, a reluctant Travis accepts, heading into Mexico where things just go from bad to worst. Friends will become enemies and enemies will become allies, as Travis fights his way back to the US.
Wanted Man is written, directed and stars action legend Dolph Lundgren, he truly is an action icon. To this day, I still go back and watch Showdown in Little Tokyo, Dark Angel and Red Scorpion; these are just a few of his classics. Co-written with Hank Hughes , plus another action legend Michael Worth (really can`t wait to see his documentary Enter the Clones of Bruce) What we get is a tightly made action thriller, that boasts quite the cast, from Michael Pare (Streets of Fire, Eddie & the Cruisers and The Philadelphia Experiment) to Kelsey Grammer, yes Frasier himself. At just as running time of One hour and twenty five minutes, it does not waste any time in its storytelling. We get to know Travis plus his out of touch ways in the first act. Then it settles into him and Rosa, getting to know each other for the second act, during this act you can see Travis slowly changing his views. To the third act, the finale where Rosa and Travis are pushed to their limits where loyalties are tested plus truths will be revealed. Travis is like a cross between Dirty Harry and Ben Shockley two characters played by Clint Eastwood. Dolph plays the character very well, the scenes between himself and Christina Villa who plays Rosa and her family are really well done and
the heart of the film. Throughout the action scenes are well staged, as you`d expect from all involved, but it`s the second act and the human side of the story that gives this little thriller more de.
Though it is not anything new for most of us; Wanted Man is a well-made pacey film that stars a few heroes from the 80s. For me, I think the film is a fantastic start to 2024 and my year of reviewing, one to definitely add to the watch list for any action fan out there.
IN THEATERS: January 19, 2024
ON DEMAND AND DIGITAL: January 19, 202

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