Ride On – 4 Star Review

Jackie Chan gives a heartfelt and moving tribute not only to his career but also to Hong Kong Stuntmen across the industry.

Assassin Club – Review

ASSASSIN CLUB will be available to buy on Digital on May 16 and will be
available on DVD and Blu-ray on June 6.

Assassin Club – Coming Soon

The hunter becomes the hunted when an elite assassin (Golding) is given his final contract: to kill seven people around the world

Best Man – Review

Shane Dax Taylor directs a straight up die hard wannabe but that ain’t no bad thing

EXILED : The Chosen Ones Review By Paul Findlay

The fight scenes are brutal and gritty with a sense of realism, mostly shot wide which is a refreshing change from a lot of the modern Hollywood, tight, cuts every 3-millisecond type fight scene.

WIN Jiu Jitsu on Blu Ray

Win one of two copies of Jiu Jitsu on Blu Ray please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and winners will be drawn Monday 18th JAN.

Red Prophecies – with Alexander Nevsky – Coming Soon

ITN Distribution has acquired North American rights to the action-thriller RED PROPHECIES starring Alexander Nevsky (Maximum Impact). Written and produced by Alexander Izotov, the film also stars Michael Madsen, Casper Van Dien, Eric Roberts, Oded Fehr and Stephen Baldwin. Set for March 5 theatrical release, it follows an American journalist who works in Moscow and […]

The Message Man – Review by Jamie M MacDonald

The stand out scene for me takes plays in a night club, tense build up, to The Message Man coming in with guns blazing, hands, knifes and swords, my jaw hit the ground with the intensity

Tribal – Get out Alive Review

This is a full on intense journey into horror with a great feeling of unease as the tension mounts into a frenzied, blood soaked, battle for survival.