Set in British colonial Hong Kong in the 1980’s, Twilight of the Warriors:Walled In follows  a troubled youth as he accidentally enters the infamous Kowloon Walled City – a dangerous Chinese enclave ripe with gang crime and corruption. He soon discovers order amidst the chaos, and gains life lessons from the inhabitants as they resist a villainous invasion.
Lok (played by Raymond Lam) is an illegal immigrant who after trusting Mr Big (Sammo Hung) to get him a new identity card gets double crossed and sees an opportunity to rob him and Lok finds refuge in the walled city which is run by Cyclone (Louis Koo), after Cyclone explains to him who runs this city with a flurry of Martial Arts moves that puts Lok in his place. Lok finding out the bag he robbed from Mr Big wasn’t cash but drugs puts Cyclone in an awkward position but as he has a reputation to look after those that dwell in the Walled city Cyclone comes to an arrangement with him and so Lok starts to work and live in the city dreaming of the world outside the walls. When Chau (Richie Ren) discovers a secret that could threaten the peaceful existence of the walled city and the young Lok lines are drawn and Mr Big sees an opportunity to take over the city.

This film is probably one of my favourite films of the last few years, certainly from the point of view of Hong Kong cinema its a throwback to the yesteryear when films in the golden age of Hong Kong cinema were being churned out this one has enough nostalgia with a heavy dose of beautifully crafted brilliance that is all there to seep into your eyes in every frame of film.

Lets start with the cast, Raymond Lam is the prefect as Lok, Lam is probably best known for his TV work and here he channels his years of acting into giving a pivotal performance with a heavy dose of Martial Arts mayhem. He’s surrounded by legends of the scree with Sammo Hung as Mr Big almost stealing the entre movie from under everyone’s feet with him kicking ass like he was back in the day and looking good to, with Louis Koo giving a more reserved and grounded performance that provides a nice foil to the exuberant Lok. The real scene stealer though is Philip Ng as Mr Bgs right hand henchman and supernatural powered psychotic villain he chews up every scene he sin and he’s the bad guy you love to hate, beautifully maniac and I loved every scene he was in.

Twilight of the Warriors: Walled in is a Masterpiece in storytelling and action. Its a triumph. Beautifully shot and set design that captures what the city of darkness must have been exactly like. I look forward to the next two films in the trilogy with feverish anticipation.

Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In

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