Deep Sea – Review

Deep Sea is such a wildly entertaining emotional rollercoaster of a journey

Layers of Lies – Review

If your a fan of action and love your Martial Arts feature films then Layers of Lies is the film for you

The Chaser – Review

The feature debut from *The Wailing* and *The Yellow Sea* writer and
director Na Hong-jin.

The Foul King – Review

Available for the very first time in the UK and Ireland, the second feature
from internationally acclaimed writer and director Kim Jee-woon

Lights Out – Review

The action as you`d expect from Adkins and Grillo`s involvement is bone crunching, realistic and very well filmed.

Sakra – 5 Star Review

The action design is a work of art, with fight set pieces that are truly stunning to watch

Assassin Club – Review

ASSASSIN CLUB will be available to buy on Digital on May 16 and will be
available on DVD and Blu-ray on June 6.