Its December 2023 and I was lucky enough to see The Goldfinger starring Tony Leung and Andy Lau, you can catch our 5 star review here. I also got to catch up with Tony and Andy (yes were on first name terms now) and discuss their new film The Goldfinger which is out nationwide on 5th Jan..

Working together 20 years ago on Infernal Affairs how did the experience working together differ from when you last worked together ?

Tony: We’ve got alot more mature over the years and we’ve built up acting experience as well and we’ve become more mature from before. Alot of the rapport that we built up and we’ve built that up and working together in television and film so we’ve built this up over the years.

Andy: I think this time because of the experience we have accumulated the performance is more complete, more well rounded, but that is also built on the friendship and the joy that we have always shared over the years.

Great to see a big budget picture coming out of Hong Kong can you share your thoughts on the state and heath of the Hong Kong film industry at this time?

Tony: I think that Hong Kong films need a bigger market because there have been more competitors over the years so the market has shrunk, hopefully with the rise of streaming platforms that will bring more money into the industry and make for bigger films.

Andy: Tony was talking more the marketing side, but I think we could talk more diverse topics be more internationalised or globalised and use or integrate more interesting styles, like this time in Goldfinger we used a lot more animation, animation techniques, I think that could liven up the Hong Kong Industry.

So it was 20 years ago since you were last on-screen, what took you so long ?

Andy: Of course we have to wait for the right script but as actors we are waiting for the right director, actors and opportunity to work together, so as much as we wanted to work together we were waiting for that.

Tony: I agree, was about getting the right combination of all those things for that right opportunity, it was waiting for the right time.

On The Goldfinger what was the most challenging part of making the film?

Tony: For me actually the character was the most challenging because i haven’t played someone that is so brash and so flamboyant before, so for me playing that character was a challenge.

Andy: For my character how he represents justice and having this flamboyant character creates the existence of my character, so it is also very important for my character.

Are there any films that you like of each others work ?

Tony: I really like Andy in Infernal Affairs.

Andy: I like the one shot scene from Days of Being wild of him brushing his hair.

If this film was to be remade by Hollywood which actors would you like to play your roles?

Tony: Just like the Departed it would be great if Leonardo DiCaprio played my character.

Andy: Is it still possible to get Daniel Day-Lewis ? 

If there was one thing you could say to audiences to come see The Goldfinger what would it be ?

Tony: The theme of the financial crimes is attractive and the theme is very unique and I think it would interest audiences all around the world.

Andy: If you miss seeing the two of us on screen together than come see The Goldfinger.


Thank you to Mr Leung and Mr Lau for taking time to talk to us and Cineasia and Trinity films for the opportunity. 

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