Inspired by true events and set during the 1980’s, The Goldfinger follows the meteoric rise and fall of a Hong Kong conglomerate and its chairman, Cheng Yi-yan’s (Tony Leung) journey growing a measly 100 Hong Kong dollars to an astonishing 10-billion-dollar empire. Cheng contends with a 15-year investigation by an elite anti-corruption Investigator (Andy Lau) – a duel unveiling the dark side of Hong Kong’s golden era.

When the stock market crashes an investigations sets out to find out why and corruption is at the heart of the crash with Andy Lau as the investigator who brings Tony Leung in, in a series of flashbacks, we start to uncover how Tony Leung got to where he is today.

I like Gold, infact I’d say I love it as this is ‘Hong Kong Cinema at its Finest’ boasting powerhouse performances from its leads, Tony Leung as Cheng the charismatic, clever yet driven by a desire to be better than the next person and richer, is played off beautifully by Andy Lau who is the investigator that will stand at nothing to get his man.  Yes the two powerhouses of Hong Kong Cinema are back on the big screen after just a couple of decades have passed since Infernal Affairs and Andy and Tony are pure gold.  The magic is there to see check out our interview with them both coming soon……………………………….

The film also has some great supporting cast with Charlene Choi, Alex Fong and Philip Keung but it’s Simon Yam that probably steals the best supporting actor here with a fine turn as the man who sees something in Cheng and starts the journey towards his billions.  There is a similar vibe to Wolf of wall street and this film is just as engaging I can’t recommended this enough you need to see this on the big screen just to see Andy and Tony go toe to toe it doesn’t happen that often.  The Goldfinger is 5 Karat gold and so therefore a 5 star film.

In UK & Irish cinemas from 5 JANUARY


The Goldfinger -

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