He Fei’s Wife Li Muzi disappears during their anniversary trip.  When she reappears he insisted that she is not his wife. He Fei turns to Chen Mai, a renowned International Lawyer for help.  As  Chen Mai’s investigation into this bizarre case progresses, more mysteries start to emerge.

Lost in the Stars is a 2022 Chinese mystery crime drama directed by Cui Rui and Liu Xiang, and starring Zhu Yilong as the Husband He Fe, Kay Huang as the wife and Janice Man as the other woman. The film is adapted from Alexey Korenev’s 1990 Soviet comedy film A trap for Lonely Man  and French playwright Robert Thomas 1960 play Trap for a Lonely Man (Piege Pour un Homme Seul). 

This was one of the films that really took me by surprise, its a film you need to stick with first half takes some time to get into gear then it starts hitting with with layers of complexity as it weaves its tail.  The setting of the film using Hainan island is a great idea as it doesn’t have the same feel as the usual chinese films with a more tropical and holiday location feel that adds a certain ambiance to proceedings.  As stated the second half of the film just keeps throwing you twists and turns and even when you think its over there’s another gut wrenching twist that will, if anything like me, make you appreciate the storytelling on show here.

This taunt, tense, thriller brings shades of hitchcock and is a must see film. Go grab a copy now from Imprint films and enjoy the journey and the masterful storytelling under the watchful eyes of director’s  Cui Rui and Liu Xiang.

Lost in the Stars

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