Henry Golding (G.I. JOE: SNAKE EYES) stars in this highly entertaining, globe-trotting action thriller. The hunter becomes the hunted when an elite assassin (Golding) is given his final contract: to kill six people around the world - only to discover the targets are equally skilled assassins hired to kill him. His only shot to survive is to uncover the mysterious mastermind behind the deadly plot before it's too late. Also starring Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), Daniela Melchior (The Suicide Squad), and Noomi Rapace (Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan).

Assassins club is a film that will make you wish there was more, story, character arcs and faction so doesn't quite make the grade overall but there are some highs which include the ever so reliable Noomi Rapace who walks through this but is always a joy to watch on screen and so for the fact alone worth a rental. Yes the plot has more holes than swiss cheese but the action scenes are decent enough just looks like it may have been a longer film but they cut it down or just badly cut and edited.

Its one of those films I wanted to love but came away with alot less than i'd hoped its a decent and Golding could potentially move into action territory but hes going to need something better than this to get people to believe him as an action star, with the likes of Scott Adkins showing you how its done that's where you need to set your marker. Assassin Club will leave you wanting better and there's a final scene that hints at just that, if the do then go watch a Scott Adkins film and then come back with action fitting of such a club.

ASSASSIN CLUB will be available to buy on Digital on May 16 and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on June 6.

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