Song Kang-ho stars as Dae-ho, a timid bank clerk who is going nowhere in his everyday life. After meeting a famous former pro wrestler, Dae-ho transforms himself into wrestling villain The Foul King.
Dae-ho is a regular guy with a nine to five job as a financial advisor, but quite frankly, he sucks at, his boss is a bully and he doesn’t enjoy the day to day office life his real passion since childhood has been wrestling and he stumbles across a leaflet advertising wrestlers wanted and so he signs up. After starting to train he develops an alter ego and becomes a villain in the ring by the name of The Foul King. With his shot at fame nearing, he also starts to assert himself at work facing challenges head on, but will Dae-ho become the crowd pleaser they love to hate………

This comedy drama is a breath of fresh air from the usual gangster shenanigans we see Song Kang-ho in and he really is the driving force behind this feature. More drama than comedy, although it has its laugh out loud moments, the real beauty of this is that Song draws you into the world of Dae-Ho, you feel for him as a character rooting him on as he starts to find his true self through the wrestling character he has become The Foul king. 

Highly recommended and available for the very first time in the UK and Ireland, this is the second feature from internationally acclaimed writer and director Kim Jee-woon (The Good the Bad the Weird, The Age of Shadows).

The Foul King

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