Former NASA engineer Jerry Milano (Gerard Adimando) and two of his associates are hired by the NSA to build a small satellite to watch over the earth’s climate. not putting everything together at once, they soon realize at the satellite is being used to target certain people letting the satellite send out EMP signals killing them instantly with no Trace of Foul Play. Fearing for his life, Jerry becomes a part of the witness protection program as he and his associates going to hiding. Only two days before the hearing to bring charges against NSA director Philip Lang, drastic measures are taken so that the case is closed leaving Jerry on the Run only confiding in the one person that can protect him, his Handler US Marshal David Soto (Franklin Correa). Not knowing who to trust, Solo enlists the help of a few friends; Skittles (Anthony Weston), a hacker for hire and also Natasha (Lia Amonoo) a close friend and investigative reporter and finally MI6 Agent Omar Hassan (Farid Jamal Khan). Now, Solo must do whatever it takes to keep Jerry alive for the next 48 hours and get him to the courts to testify, doing whatever it takes to bring down Philip Lang and keep The Major (Ron Liguori) an assassin for hire from killing Milano.

Let’s kick this off, Franklin Correa is one to watch this film, for me, is his best to date, showcasing a more mature screenplay that taps into that Bourne type film with a focus on the intrigue and suspense.  That’s not to say that we don’t get any action we do but its part of the character arc or situation rather than it being done for the sake of it and that makes for a more rounded feature that packs a punch.  Franklin not only manage’s to squeeze a fully fleshed out story in this feature but does so but using a variety of locations from New York, to Mexico to London and of course his home town of New Jersey and that just adds to the film having a more grand feel to it.

The reason why I enjoyed the feature so much is that this is an independent movie its from homegrown talent out of New Jersey but also out of Newark Studios Franklin’s own production company it just goes to prove if you’ve the belief in yourself and people around you, then you can achieve anything and the Milano effect is testament to hard work paying off, I know the challenges that Franklin faced personally and to then make this film is something of a miracle so do yourselves a favour and go support indie films and you never know it might have an effect on you.

The Milano Effect

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