Returning to Iran after many years in exile in Finland, Sam (Ramin Sohrab) finds that he has not yet escaped his past. A shady figure kidnaps  his wife Emma (Jessica Wolff) in order to drag him into a violent scheme for revenge. But Sam is a relentless fighting machine who will stop at nothing to rescue the woman he loves. When it comes to deciding their future, the past will not stand in their way…

I was fortunate to watch this on the big screen at The Mockingbird Cinema as part of The Fighting Spirit Film Festival event in Birmingham and it is definitely a film that deserves the big screen treatment.  Ramin Directs and stars in this finnish-Iranian action film, yes I said Finnish and Iranian, with Ramin being born in Tehran and moved to Finland at the age of five, this gives the film an international twist.

So to note this is the first-ever Finnish-Iranian action film, “Layers of Lies,” was actually filmed in Tehran and starred a strong western female lead (jessica Wolff). Adding to this milestone, the film was produced by a female producer, making it a groundbreaking achievement for Ramin and the Persian film industry as a whole.

So the first half of the film provides the story and sets up Layers of Lies for its strong second half in more ways than one. With its Hong Kong Martial Arts inspired fight sequences really adding that extra wow factor that elevates this from a good film to a great film.  Its so entertaining to see from the first fight choreographed in an alleyway to a huge fight in the finale set on a building site.  The innovation of the fight scenes also make sure that they are never dull or the same with use of surroundings used greatly to provide greater ways to entertain you.

Ramin put every penny on screen to good use and its international setting gives the film that hollywood feel as it looks fantastic.  If your a fan of action and love your Martial Arts feature films then Layers of Lies is the film for you it deserves the awards, of which there has been many, but more than that Layers of Lies deserves to be seen on the big screen.

Layers of Lies

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