An assassin, codename ECHO 8, is sent into a house for a mission. But instead of coming out victorious, she finds her path riddled with unanswered questions and telling lies. As she uncovers the true identity of her target and the reason for her mission, she realizes some secrets can’t stay buried forever.

Maria Tran plays the title character Echo 8 she’s a killer for hire and along with Delta 1 (David Vuong) do the bidding of the organisations head Agent 5 (Takashi Hara) who intern is given orders by a man known as Z12 (Mike Leeder doing his best impression of Noman Lovett’s Holly from Red Dwarf, I jest).  When orders come in to take out activist Hanh (Gabrielle Chan) Agent 5 starts to show signs not constant with his character, Echo’s 8 is also having strange dreams that Delta 1 also confesses to having,  and so secrets are revealed and their lives as assassins start to unravel.

This Indie film is a remarkable achievement made on a budget of just 10000 AUD which is about 5000 pounds filming actually started prior to the pandemic in 2020 but wasn’t finished until February 2021 due to the worldwide pandemic. Testament to Maria Tran and team for using locations across Australia this film stands up against bigger budgeted hollywood films, yes it’s that good.

We’ve been fans of Maria Tran from when we first saw her in Hit Girls  Yes same hit girls with the awesome JuJu Chan Szeto.  So we know how good Maria is both as a Performer and Director, here sharing directing duties with Takashi Hara.  So action fans are not going to be disappointed with the film bringing plenty of action to the screen and yes plenty of Hong Kong influenced action that elevate this over others.

Echo 8 has won many awards and will no doubt win many fans across the globe with the film now being available on You Tube tv, Tubi, Roku and more. This film is one for action fans, film fans and those who want to know how to make a film that looks and feels like a blockbuster so look no further Echo 8 has heart and soul and packs a punch.

Echo 8

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