SPEED DATING, with inspirations such as FLEABAG meets JOHN WICK. This is a Jean-Paul Ly Directed, Produced, Written short that is a master class on how to entwine action, comedy and drama and look slick at the same time.

Eloise Lovell Anderson plays Emma who is sitting in on a speed dating event, all be it reluctantly on the back of her friends request when someone walks in and starts asking for someone called the silver fox (I did check to see if Hwang Jang lee was hiding 😉 ) Her date says he will look after her but I wont give away the obvious her but Emma is the Silver Fox and she's not going to go anywhere without a fight.

It's a simple premise but a kick ass feature its got Jean-Paul all over this, the sweeping action choreography shown in every frame and Eloise really does look perfect as the non damsel in distress with her the kick ass, take no prisoners and look good doing it type persona.

Don't take my word for it check it out on You Tube here, now, yes below this is a 5 star rated action fight fest that I for one want to see made into a feature film.

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