In the near future, the sun is rapidly expanding and will engulf the earth within 100 years. To ensure the survival of humankind, nations join hands to form an unprecedented, ambitious global project to build powerful engines on the earth's surface and propel the planet away from impending doom. Meanwhile, protests have broken out to demand the restart of the controversial Digital Life Project, which digitalises human beings after they have passed. Tensions soon escalate and the protestors plan to sabotage the Wandering Earth Project by attacking the Ark Space Station...

Wu Jing and Andy Lau

The two legend of cinema Wu Jing and Andy Lau really bring the viewer into the story and both performances from these actors are both compelling, and heart wrenching at times, they both elevate the storytelling and this just give this film, at nearly 3 hours, the star powerhouse performances that the film needs to take you on the journey through space and time.

The story has its moments of slow down which si to be expected but these are usually punctured with some top notch Sci-Fi sweeping shots either in space or on the moon that really are well crafted and draw you further into the fate of the earth as it hurtles to what could be its own demise.

A stunning Sci-Fi Epic that will take you on a journey across decades and across the stars. The Wandering Earth 2 a prequel to the first film deserves its plaudits with its intricate storytelling coated in a beautiful sci fi wrapper that deserves to be seen on the big screen.

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