A mysterious amnesiac awakens from a coma in 2020 to a world on the brink. In his desperate search for identity, he stumbles upon a truth that may cost him his life. Now, he finds himself on the run from a group of heavily armed extremists and a mysterious femme fatale with a sniper rifle. All of them want revenge on the man he once was… a man he cannot remember

Lost phoenix is a great example of how to make an independent film look and feel like a big budget movie, Director, Writer James Couche squeezes everything he has into making this feel like a big film, with the story playing out mostly in the first part across a night, and adding a great score across the back of it lifts the feature into something that you as a viewer will be gripped by.  Good pacing of characters and events makes this a film you actually stick with to find out if our man of mystery Issac/Joe (Wan Dral) piece together his memories.

Gunsavior Pictures is an indie production company established in 2005 by James Couche specializing in genre films.  We at Eastern Film Fans have always been a champion for Indie pictures and this one sets the bar high for both story and action.  There is a flavour of the east peppered in here with some great action sequences that are very much filmed in the tone of the feature .
Lost Phoenix is a throwback to 90s mid-budget action movies with shades of inspiration from Hong Kong thrillers, with a great end fight sequence that involves gunplay and swordplay that really does nail the need from any action fan, which is to get a great one on one fight sequence.  We can’t recommended the film enough, testament to James and crew for delivering a fast paced action fuelled thriller that will grip you from the start and finish you off samurai style.
Lost Phoenix

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