After an abandoned 500 year-old ship appears off the coast of a small town, Historian Elena and the local coastguard go to investigate. They discover it is not abandoned and the ship’s cursed crew have horrific plans for the intruders.

Ship of the Damned may surprise you, it did me, the fact its billed as an Action Horror and yes there are elements of both in this it actually plays quite differently, much like a story driven hijinx on the high seas in the first half, which is no bad thing. The real treat here is that the film is story and character driven with its key roles of Elena played by the always wonderful Hannaj Bang Bendz (Wrath of Dracula see review here), Jacob played by Ben Manning (The highwayman) and Michael played by Jacob Anderton (I am Ripper). These three keep the story moving forward to its brutal and bloody ending.

Like I say its the interplay between characters that really is the selling point and for me,  Hannaj and Ben bouncing off one another, what could have been a stop gap was so much more and really carried the film into the final third when we do get the bloody horror and action we all want and crave.

We love to champion Indie films taking and making films with very little but giving a lot, this is why we have to support these films so people like Steve Lawson Director, Writer can make them.  Ship of the Damned is a Damn fine film and you should go seek out this film out its a voyage worth taking.

Also check our interview with Director Steve Lawson here on our You Tube channel.

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