The rural Taiwanese outer islands of Kinmen sit merely 2 miles off the coast of China. Kinmen attracts tourists for its remains from the 1949 Chinese Civil War. It also marks the frontline for Taiwan in its escalating tension with China. Filmmaker S. Leo Chiang weaves lyrical vignettes of tourist visits and local life with his own narrative as someone negotiating ambivalent personal bonds to Taiwan, China, and the US, Island In Between explores the uneasy peace in these islands, and contemplates Taiwan’s uncertain future.

S. Leo Chiang is a filmmaker based in Taipei & San Francisco here he brings us an insightful and thought provoking look into the Taiwanese people caught in between two superpowers and how they too have a voice which remains very much muted by China and the USA.  Kinmen had been the frontline for Taiwan during the chinese civil war  this documentary, that is rich in colour and indeed in its storytelling shows a world that many of us didn’t know existed and Director Chiang brings that to life.

A stunning oscar nominated short film that you can watch now on You Tube


Island In Between

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