Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins) The Accident Man is back with a bang! Relocating himself to Malta, after the events in London, riddled with guilt he has had it away on his toes taking a well-deserved holiday. Of course, he is still doing what he does best, and business is booming! Things are going well, until his reputation catches up with him, drawing attention from local mafia boss Mrs Zuuzer (Flaminia Cinque). Now, Mike finds himself in a power struggle between crime bosses. In the wrong place at the wrong time! The Accident Man agrees to protect Mrs Zuuzer`s ungrateful son Dante (George Fouracres) from the world’s top five assassins. Tasked with this while trying to save his newly found best friend, also just while he`s at it. Try and salvage his relationship with father figure Big Ray (Ray Stevenson) who has a few unresolved issues from what occurred in London. It is a holiday of the lifetime, and the Accident Man is well up for the challenge…

Scott Adkins with the help of directors The Kirby Brothers have managed to make a sequel that, for me, betters the original film. I love the first film from 2018, who can forget Finicky Fred (Perry Benson) holding a knife in one hand and a plaster in the other? Such a funny scene that, the first film is a fun filled ride to watch, full of Martial Arts goodness. So, how can this one be better you ask? Well writers Stu Small and Scott Adkins, have taken what they did with the original and cranked it by another hundred percent, honestly hands down for me this is the best full blown Martial Arts film of the year. It took four years to get this sequel made and it was well worth the wait. I said to Scott (Interview here) that I watched it 3 times; this is because it is so watchable and fun. From the Pink Panther Kato homage with new cast member Sarah Chang, who just shines in the film, her scenes are just brilliant the chemistry between her, and Adkins is just top draw, so funny when needed, also very painful at times ha-ha. We are reintroduced to Perry Benson`s Fred in the first act, it is so good to see him back, he always shines in anything that he is in. Once the first act does it`s set up, acts two and three just pass at a rapid pace, full of the best on screen chorographer for fight scenes you`ll ever see in a western film. It`s not just the chorography that stand out in the fights, it`s the camera movement that tells the story during the fight and draws you right into the action. You can tell that this is a massive collaboration of talent to make this film come to life in every way. I`d say my favourite fight of the film is Adkins VS Poco the Clown played by Beau Fowler, truly terrifying in the role, he brought so much to that character, the fight itself is in my top five fights of Scott Adkins. I liked that fight so much that I watched that scene, and then rewound it a few times to study it. What I particularly like about the action, the Martial Arts scenes is how long the actual fights are, you certainly get your money worth. The character of Dante is hilarious as he struts about in his onesie, loved his silly antics throughout the film. Also, you are in for a treat with the finale between Adkins VS Andy Long, such a fluent fight, fast furious and full on Hong Kong style that I think there must`ve been some contact made.

The action really does standout, but that is not all the film has going for it. We have the voice over still from Mike, which really lifts the film. All the cast are at their best, funny at the right times and serious when needed. I don`t want to say to much more and spoil the film. But I think there is a really well preformed scene that brings out the actor, not just the action star in Scott, near the end of the film.

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