Ride On – 4 Star Review

Jackie Chan gives a heartfelt and moving tribute not only to his career but also to Hong Kong Stuntmen across the industry.

Armour of God Trilogy A Revisit – Part 1 by Jamie Macdonald and Paul Findlay

With the release of 88 Films Remastered  Blu Ray of Operation Condor here are our thoughts on Jackie Chan’s answer to Indiana Jones, his character of Asian Hawk from the Armour of God Trilogy which spans from 1986- 2012. The original Armour of God was released in 1986 and is highly regarded as one of […]

Wheels on Meals By Jamie MacDonald & Paul Findlay

The stars of this finale are undoubtedly Jackie Chan and Benny Urquidez with a scene stealing battle between two warriors which has gone on to be regarded as one of the best onscreen fights in the history of martial arts movies.

The Three Dragons Trilogy An Overview by Jamie MacDonald and Paul Findlay

The last couple of years has been great for revisiting classic martial arts movies as Eureka and 88 Films have been remastering and re-releasing a lot of movies from the 1980’s onto the Blu Ray Format. It’s a pleasure to watch these as they were meant to be seen as they have various versions of […]

The Iron Mask Review by Jamie MacDonald

Far far away in the south of Heavenly Empire there lived a Great Dragon. His eye lashes went deep into the ground and came back up as beautiful plants healing the souls & bodies of those who suffered. People called the leaves of this plant Tea and the glory of its strength spread far & […]

Dragons Forever – Podcast for Martial Arts Fans

Dragons Forever – Podcast for Martial Arts Fans SEASON 1 Episode 6 The Golden Era with Phil Gillon (Eastern Film Fans) Please joining me and Dragons Forever over at AuburnDigital on You Tube for a trip down memory lane, we talk about those films that I was brought on and films that would mould me […]

100 Greatest Eastern Films

By Eastern Film Fans By YOU Tell us your favourite Eastern Films, is it Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan fight fest, maybe a Shaw Brothers classic or a Hard-Boiled Thriller, the choice is yours and the number of choices are up to you, name 1 or name 100. You can send us your choices on […]

The Foreigner Review

The Foreigner Directed by: Martin Campbell Stars: Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan The Foreigner sees Jackie Chan take a dramatic role based on the novel by  Stephen Leather but will this be to foreign for some or will Jackie Chan get the heart racing in this London set Thriller. Jackie Chan plays Quan a London […]

Triple Threat: A Night with Jackie Chan

Beyond Fest, STXfilms and SR Media are proud to announce Triple Threat: A Night with Jackie Chan Friday, October 6th at the Egyptian Theatre In honor of Jackie Chan’s epic return to the big screen on Friday, October 13th in STXfilms’ THE FOREIGNER, Beyond Fest have partnered with STXfilms, a division of STX Entertainment, and SR Media, […]

Kung Fu Yoga Coming Soon

Kung Fu Yoga Coming Soon from kaleidoscope Entertainment Starring: Jackie Chan & Aarif Rahman It’s Raiders Of The Lost Ark Jackie Chan-style, with a dash of Bollywood, as the unstoppable film legend hunts for treasure in this flat-out fun, all-action, globe-trotting comedy caper. World-renowned archaeology professor Jack and his team are on a grand quest to […]

Railroad Tigers coming to DVD Blu Ray & VOD 8th May 2017

A slam-bang, all-out action spectacular from the martial arts master Jackie Chan, in an eye-popping suicide mission adventure, packed with mad stunts, stunning set pieces and plenty of belly laughs.The enemy think they’re amateurs. Big mistake. Here Chan, starring in an action comedy that ranks alongside Rush Hour and Shanghai Knights, puts men half his […]

Most Anticipated Films of 2017 Part 1

Most Anticipated Films of 2017 Welcome to our Most Anticipated Films for 2017, yes 17 of them to look out for in 2017. 17. The Thousand faces of Dunjia Yuen Woo-Ping back in the saddle with Tsui Hark (producer & writer). The film will star Aarif Lee , Ni Ni, Da Peng  and Zhou Dongyu  the […]

Asian News Gateway to the East

Asian News: Gateway to the East Yes were back with a new title, some new features (O2W) and most importantly the latest news: Donnie Yen and Andy Lau team up in Chasing the dragon, excited well sort of, initial reports said it would be a straight acting gig, but further sauces say he will fight […]


WIN THE HIGHLY-INTENSE CRIME SAGA POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN ON BLU-RAY To celebrate the release of the action packed Police Story: Lockdown – for download from Monday 18th July 2016 and On DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 25th July 2016 – we have teamed up with Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment to give away a copy on Blu-Ray. […]

Police Story Lockdown on DVD & Blu Ray

Police Story Lockdown On Digital Download 18th July and DVD and Blu-ray 25th July. This slick, stylish, action-packed crime saga stars the legendary Jackie Chan as a cop taken hostage by a ruthless nightclub owner, leading to a nerve-wracking battle of wits and an incendiary finale. The one and only Chan, Hong Kong’s best known […]

Dragon Blade Review

Dragon Blade Directed by: Daniel Lee Stars: Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody and Lin Peng Jackie returns in a full on Epic drama that packs a punch and goes for the heart but will it twist the blade in or soar like a dragon ? Jackie Chan plays Huo An the leader of the […]

HMV Loves Cine Asia

HMV LOVES CINE ASIA: CLASSIC CINE-ASIA TITLES IN NATIONWIDE HMV PROMOTION. Trinity Film with HMV launch a nationwide Cine-Asia promotion, offering special multi-buy offers of 2 for £10 DVDs, and 5 for £30 Blu-rays. With eye-catching, Cine-Asia dedicated stands spanning across 115 HMV stores for six weeks, this promotion seeks to introduce new audiences to […]

Jackie Chan Crime Story – Review

Jackie Chan’s Top Ten films of all time starts with Number 10 Crime Story Aka That Beast in Homicide Directed by Kirk Wong Stars: Jackie Chan, Kent Cheng, Blacky Ko and Law Kar Ying 1993 saw Jackie Chan shoot Crime story that would put some of his critics to shame that said Jackie couldn’t act. […]

Most Anticipated Asian Films 2015 Part 1

Most Anticipated Asian Films 2015 We review what were talking about and cant wait to watch in 2015. 10. Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld Takashi Miike is back and brings with him  Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian from The Raid in this Yakuza v Vampires mash up its gonna be a wild ride. […]

What are your Favourite Jackie Chan Films ?

What’s your Top Ten Jackie Chan films ?  There’s plenty of Jackie Chan films to choose from but what’s your Top Ten films, with reviews less than regular on site I decided it was about time I remedied this and I’ll be counting down the Best of Jackie Chan films voted by you.  So whether […]

Eastern Film Fans presents an Interview with Mr Gareth Evans Part 1

So how does a welsh lad get from Wales to Indonesia ? What happen was I got hired to do a documentary about Indonesia culture and the specific culture was Pencak Silat, Id grown in the Uk and been a big fan of action cinema especially martial arts films and the one thing I hadn’t […]

Gary Daniels Exclusive Interview Part 2

Part 2 of eastern Film Fans interview with Brit Kicker Mr Gary Daniels So the 90’s produced some of the great western action films (Ed. my opinion) with Lorenzo Lamas, Michael Worth were two who brought some Martial Arts action to silver screen and you got to work with them on Final Impact I know […]

Gary Daniels Exclusive Interview – PART 1

 Eastern Film Fans is proud to present our exclusive interview with the Brit Kicker Mr Gary Daniels. So a bit about yourself, we know your proficient in Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing but a journey starts somewhere in an Martial Artists life where did the journey start for you ? As a boy of 8 […]

Your Top 5 Greatest Eastern Films

Your Top 5 greatest Eastern Films. Hi My fellow Eastern Film enthusiasts, I need your help to create the ultimate list to end all lists Your Top 5 Favourite Eastern films ? What are they ? Korean, Chinese, Japanese ? It can be anything we want to know and put together Your greatest Eastern films […]

Terracotta Far East Film Festival

Hey Eastern Film Fans, Ben here. I was first pulled into Asian cinema in 1986 I guess when A Better Tomorrow landed on the shelf of my local video rental store, in South London. I was eleven. I’d always liked martial arts. My father had got me into Akido and Karate at a young age […]