Firstly Thank you both for taking time from your busy schedules to speak to us.

Can I ask you both how you came to be actresses was it something you both set out to do ?

Jadey – Yes, absolutely, for as long as I can remember I have been acting. I have a theatre background and originally trained as a professional dancer also participating in martial arts and gymnastics. I grew up totally inspired by film, from the great British comedy “Carry On” films to the king of dance “Gene Kelly” to the legend “Bruce Lee”  and of course the master of creativity “Jackie Chan”, a real mix! Learning about the film industry, in front and behind camera and the “business” really makes a difference as a film maker, you quickly realise that you don’t really have much control of your own destiny. I wanted to write and produce female-driven projects so I started my own film company DreamMore Films where I continue to develop, write and produce content for women.

Linda - I started making content in high school with friends on the weekends and holidays, just silly Youtube videos and that, and after college, I went to study Corporeal Mime for two years and then Theatre at Gaulier for a year. I’m inspired by Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Mr Bean and loveable idiots like that. Underdogs. I hate a “strong and broody” protagonist. It bores me. What I’m drawn to is physicality and comedy because it transcends all cultural and language borders and puts a smile on people’s faces which is all you need really. But I never set out to be an actress and never described myself as an actress until I got my first paid acting contract. But like Jadey, I think we have to, as women make our own content.

So '10 minutes for a pound', the trailer really made an impact with us, how did the concept for the short film come about?

Jadey - It was one of those rare feelings when Linda and myself sat down with our soya chai latte’s, brainstorming ideas then realised, s**t this is funny, let’s make a comedy action that showcases women in the biz, not strong women trying to be masculine but just everyday women. A comedy action inspired by two women trying to live ordinary lives. So how do we do this… with the pressures to always impress the audience when it comes to fight choreography is so high, I mean look at John Wick! So we created memorable, fun characters that the audience could connect with. A story that takes the audience on a journey of two crazy worlds, with choreography influence from Jackie Chan.

Working together through the whole creative process was so ‘organic’. We both spent time trying to find a female action director in London but unfortunately was hard to find, so we thought let’s direct it together.

It wasn't something I was expecting but you both look comfortable with the action who choreographed the fight?

Jadey - Oh there’s a lot more to come from us! Linda and myself worked with a very talented actor, choreographer Alán Rodriguez. We all wanted to achieve something fun, fast paced and funny. We rehearsed over 4 weeks, not everyday but most days we could all get together. Using clothes as weapons wasn’t an easy choice but was so much fun. We took a lot of inspiration from Jackie Chan and most of the time Linda and myself would end up in a knot on the floor. Who knew that a women’s thong could be so lethal. We also varied styles throughout the piece and brought Wushu Champion Steve Coleman to help with the mop fighting section.

Where can people get to see '10 minutes for a pound'?

Jadey and Linda - We are currently doing a festival run so you can see us kicking ass on the 7th – 8th September at Fighting Spirit Film Festival screening at Stratford Picturehouse or, we are also pleased to announce that we have been selected and nominated as best directors at Underwire Film Festival. Underwire is the UK's largest film festival celebrating female talent across the crafts. Catch us on Friday 13th September Opening Night: Everyday Warrior Queens at Regent Street Cinema

Any chance of a sequel '20 minutes for £2.50', you can keep that title 🙂

Jadey – Thank you Phil for the suggestion. This is only the beginning of these two characters and you will certainly be seeing them again, not in a Laundromat though. I took “10 Minutes For A Pound” along with another project to Cannes film festival this year and we received amazing feedback and great interest. We are now developing the concept into an 8 part series which we are looking to pitch at the end of September. 

Future projects for you both I see Jadey you've got a film called “The Last Immune” what can you tell us about this feature?

Jadey -  I have been developing and writing this project over the last few years and worked with a fantastic writing team. The Last Immune is about survival – at the film's heart is the story of a woman and a child, running for their lives at the outbreak of a deadly virus. But beyond this central emotional core is a universal, and very current, theme revolving around the safeguarding of our future against the threat of extinction – the 'human virus'. There is also hope here – there is a cure, to both the film's central threat and the bigger themes, but whether that hope will be ever be realised is left to the audience to decide. 

As we speak the script is being read by some very influential female directors. It’s a very exciting time for DreamMore Films to be pitching a number of projects. 

and Linda what’s next for you, can we get to see more kick ass action ?

Linda - I’m working on a Hollywood feature film at the moment but can’t talk about it yet sorry!

So finally the Eastern Film Fans question for both of you, we ask all our guests,If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 films with you what would you take? (It can be any genre)

Jadey –  It’s really hard to only choose 3 films, I love film but I would have to say Pulp Fiction, Oldboy directed by Park Chan-wook and of course Singing In The Rain.

Linda - Mulan, The Artist and Cast Away 

I wish you both every success with '10 Minutes for a Pound' and your future endeavours, thank you again for taking time to talk to Eastern Film Fans.

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