Your Top 5 greatest Eastern Films.

Hi My fellow Eastern Film enthusiasts, I need your help to create the ultimate list to end all lists Your Top 5 Favourite Eastern films ? What are they ? Korean, Chinese, Japanese ?

It can be anything we want to know and put together Your greatest Eastern films of all time.

Send your picks to any of the links below or leave a reply on this page and next month we'll publish the results.




Here's some help with peoples best Chinese, Japanese and Korean picks

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2 Responses

  1. 1. Chungking Express
    2. Drunken Master 2
    3. Police Story
    4. Pedicab Driver
    5. Dragons Forever

    Very fight-focussed but these are the films I’ve watched over and over until the VHS got worn… apart from number 1 these are more choreography over cinematography, but it’s a skill and entertainment level unsurpassed.

  2. 1. Fist of Legend.
    2. Dragons Forever.
    3. Bodyguards and Assassins.
    4. S.P.L.
    5. Three Kingdoms : Resurrection of the Dragon

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