100 Greatest Eastern Films

Lets get the 100 Greatest Eastern Films

Were back, welcome 2019 lets get this thing done. Firstly I need your help I want to know your favourite Eastern Film, you can pick one or 100 just let me know, use any of the social media and contacts provided on post below. Lets get the 100 Greatest Eastern Films voted for by YOU, the fans
Contact us here just reply below or email us at econdor@easternfilmfans.co.uk or drop us a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Lets get the 100 Greatest Eastern Films, as voted for by the fans

2 thoughts on “100 Greatest Eastern Films

  1. My favorite eastern films are Touch of zen, one armed swordsman, Shoalin vs Lama, The Grandmaster, The swordsman 2,Enter the Dragon, Snake in the Eagle shadow,Crouchng tiger hiden Dragon

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