DISORDER boutique – Eastern Film fans supporting local businesses

So these are strange time we live in, its real, its real for you, me and real for those of us that have had to close businesses and or try and support ourselves to just carry on. Places like DISORDER boutique with its unique, ethically made, fashion boutique that has some real treasures not just […]

Snowpiercer – Review by Jamie MacDonald

In a way the film reminded me of Bruce Lee making his way up the pagoda in Game of Death, each railroad car revealing something else about the train, some of the encounters are surreal and some violent

Fearless: The Story of Chin Woo Kung Fu – Book Review

Fearless: The Story of Chin Woo Kung Fu by Glen Stanway Fearless: The Story of Chin Woo Kung Fu examines the legends and the facts behind one of the world’s largest martial arts organisations. As well as exploring the legend of the founder, Huo Yuanjia, known as “Fearless”, the author looks at how the Chin […]

100 Greatest Eastern Films

By Eastern Film Fans By YOU Tell us your favourite Eastern Films, is it Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan fight fest, maybe a Shaw Brothers classic or a Hard-Boiled Thriller, the choice is yours and the number of choices are up to you, name 1 or name 100. You can send us your choices on […]


BRUCE LEE EXHIBITION THE APEX GALLERY 26TH JANUARY – 5TH MARCH 2017 FREE ADMISSION The Apex Gallery, Charter Square, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3FD Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm & Sundays, 10am-4pm Kudos Memorabilia presents a rare and exciting exhibition of timeless iconic photographs, fine art prints and ephemera celebrating the remarkable life and career of martial arts […]

Udine Far East Film Festival 18

Udine Far East Film Festival Opening with the South Korean blockbuster The Tiger on Friday the 22nd of April and closing with the Hong Kong thriller The Bodyguard on Saturday the 30th with the presence of the legendary Sammo Hung. UDINE – After last year’s sensational guests Joe Hisaishi and Jackie Chan, this year the […]

Bruceploitation Documentary

Bruceploitation Documentary Bruce Lee was a legend. However, even his death didn’t stop his image, mannerisms, and iconic look from being exploited by others for over a decade afterwards. We know about Mr. Lee’s life, death, and the legacy he left behind… but what about the “others” who came after? Why did they make so […]

Interview with Jason Ninh Cao

Firstly how does a kid from Saigon, Vietnam end up in London England? My sister came to England to study in 1971, after the fall of Saigon in April 1975, my sister decided to stay in London and she brought my family to London in 1986. How did you discover you wanted to be an […]

Bruce Lee & Kung Fu Movie Tribute Weekend

Bruce Lee & Kung Fu Movie Tribute Weekend Meet HWANG JANG LEE Q&A, AUTOGRAPH SIGNINGS & SEMINAR 13th and 14th of september at Londons Soccerdome next to the O2 in London. WHATS ON: To be apart of the book launch Bruce lee Golden Movie news with Steve Kerridge signing his book for the launch only. A […]

Eastern Film Fans presents an Interview with Mr Gareth Evans Part 1

So how does a welsh lad get from Wales to Indonesia ? What happen was I got hired to do a documentary about Indonesia culture and the specific culture was Pencak Silat, Id grown in the Uk and been a big fan of action cinema especially martial arts films and the one thing I hadn’t […]

Enter The Dragon Screening

Enter The Dragon Screening at Gateshead Central Library 7pm Friday 31st January 2014  The movie that made Bruce Lee! The movie will also feature a special introduction from Eastern Film Fans and Kenny B from the Podcast on Fire Network http://podcastonfire.com/ . These are both excellent sources of info for lovers of East Asian cinema! This is the […]

Jon T Benn Interview

Eastern Film Fans are proud to present an interview with Mr Jon T Benn made famous as the Mafia Boss in Way of The dragon. Firstly I’m intrigued as to how over 40 years ago you ended up in Mainland China? I went to Hong Kong in 1971 as I had just sold 24 gift […]

Bruce Lee: A Legacy in Film

Bruce Lee: A Legacy in Film What kind of Legacy has Bruce Lee left?  The kind that many people that are working in the martial Arts industry took inspiration from, not only his films but his philosophy has influenced many of us to explore the world of Martial Arts and see how the arts can […]