A beautiful limited edition book preserving a 40 year collection of original artwork posters

In 1971, martial arts icon Bruce Lee exploded on the cinema scene like a meteor and then would pass through it just as quickly.  His impact and popularity in action cinema is almost unparalleled by any other film actor, which is why the effort to fill the vacuum left by his absence is also unrivaled by any other genre.   Capitalized on by shrewdly thinking producers and hastily constructed films, the genre that would later be dubbed "Bruceploitation" would thrive for nearly a decade. 

This book will seek to take a nearly 40 year old collection of posters and advertising, many of them obtained by actor/filmmaker/martial artist Michael Worth as a young movie going genre fan.  In most cases, the art work on display is directly from the theaters that showcased them in their initial showings in Oakland and San Francisco, California where Worth would collect them after each run of the features.  Bound in a beautiful large coffee-table style hardcover book, each poster will get special attention along with a brief description and even personal history.  Not only will the book be a beautiful and fun way to enjoy and study this decade of cinema history, but will help to preserve many of these rare posters in high definition scans on beautiful thick art-book paper. 

Go here to help make this book a reality: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ultimate-art-book-of-bruceploitation-movie-posters/x/21889498#/

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  1. good afternoon sir i am interested in the ultimate art book of Bruceploitation i would like to purchase this book which link do i go to so i can buy the book?

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