What are your Favourite Jackie Chan Films ?


What's your Top Ten Jackie Chan films ?

 There's plenty of Jackie Chan films to choose from but what's your Top Ten films, with reviews less than regular on site I decided it was about time I remedied this and I'll be counting down the Best of Jackie Chan films voted by you.  So whether your an old school  Drunken Master or a Modern day Crime Story  junkie you can combine both into a top ten of your favourites  You don't have a Top Ten, then top five or your top one, either way tell us your favourite.

Drop us a line below and if you want to tell us why you love a JC film please do and we'll post the best comments of each of the reviews.



or email us at econdor@easternfilmfans.co.uk

I'll review YOUR Top Ten next year so in the mean time check out some of Jackie Chan's greatest film moments by kingofkungfu2002 Mr Coates I thank you 😉


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