Artwork by Tony Stella

With the box office failure of Dragon Lord. Jackie knew that he needed something special to come back with. Calling on his Peking Opera Brothers maestro Sammo Hung and the utterly amazing Yuen Biao, the Result is 1983s Project A.

Project A is a romping sea faring adventure. With not a lot happening at sea. A tale of coast guards and pirates, the influence of silent era stars Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd is apparent in the stunt work, slapstick humour and martial arts action which went on to become Chan's trademark.

Hong Kong at the turn of the century is plagued by pirate chief San pao, played Dick We. The cities best hope in defeating him and his pirates, is Dragon Ma (Jackie Chan) Fei (Sammo Hung) and Inspector Hong (Yuen Biao).

Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao

Our adventure is full of spectacular Kung Fu scenes, starting from the big brawl bar fight between the coast guards and the police. Where Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao, not only show off their fighting skills but their impeccable comedy timing but with the now legendary bicycle chase, you can understand why Jackie says it takes three months to plan and design an action sequence. Our hero Dragon is chased through back alleys streets up the side of walls eventually leading to him climbing a pole while handcuffed to it. Then Jumping into a clock tower, where Jackie was ready to perform his homage to Harold Lloyd and perhaps the most dangerous stunt in his career?

Jackie Chan's now infamous clock tower stunt

After taking a breath Jackie infiltrates Lo San Pao island in disguise. (We think he does look a little like the monopoly man). When all our heroes make it to the island they must meet up with each other, which leads to an Abbott & Costello style comedic exchange.

With our three dragons, now back together we know that we are in for one epic showdown. Project A was Jackie`s fourth feature, as a director. We feel with this finale Jackie has found his own kinetic style, blending Martial Arts, stunt work and humour. Project A went on to win the 1985 Hong Kong Film Award for Best Action choreography. The Jackie Chan world renowned stunt team officially established itself in 1983 with six members. You could say they went all out for Project A. From the way the film is shot, through death defying stunk work up to fast paced action filled finale you can most definitely see why Project A is still praised very highly by fans and critics alike.

Look out for Wheels on meals Review Coming soon.

Project A and Project Part 2 Eureka Trailer

Thanks to very talented Mr Tony Stella for the use of his artwork you can see more of his work here

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