The Message Man – Review by Jamie M MacDonald

The stand out scene for me takes plays in a night club, tense build up, to The Message Man coming in with guns blazing, hands, knifes and swords, my jaw hit the ground with the intensity

Tribal – Get out Alive Review

This is a full on intense journey into horror with a great feeling of unease as the tension mounts into a frenzied, blood soaked, battle for survival.

Podcast On Fire 208: Rich And Famous & Once Upon A Time A Hero In China

Podcast On Fire 208: Rich And Famous & Once Upon A Time A Hero In China Another blast from the past from January 2016. More Alan Tam time this time we take a look at 2 films on the different ends of the entertainment spectrum, I don’t hold back any punches in this episode where […]

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai Review

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai Review Directed by: Wong Ching-Po Stars: Philip Ng, Andy On, Sammo Hung, Michelle Hu and Wen Chao Philip Ng and Andy On bring the action with Yuen Woo Ping orchestrating it, but will this be a story that you’ll remember or just another once upon a time this could […]

Retro Review – Pedicab Driver

Pedicab Driver Directed by: Sammo Hung Stars: Sammo Hung, Max Mok, Nina Li Chi, Fennie Yuen, Suen Yuet,  John Sham, Billy Chow and Lau Kar-Leung Welcome to Eastern Film fans first (of Many) RETRO REVIEW – Quick play some 80’s music 😉 First up in our new feature is the 1989 Sammo Hung vehicle Pedicab Driver.  So […]

A Company Man – Review

A Company Man Directed by: Sang-yoon Lim Stars: Ji-Sub So, Mi-yeon Lee, Do Won Kwak, Dong-jun Kim and Kyeong-yeong Lee A company Man brings a whole new meaning to clocking out, but will your time be spent well watching this Korean Thriller or will you be clocking out out early? So Ji-Sub plays Hyung Do who is a professional assassin that is sent […]

The Raid – Review

The Raid lands on DVD and Blu-Ray and Eastern Film Fans brings you the review of what people say is the action film of the year so will you be Raiding your piggy bank to pick this up ?