After a security team Caitlin (Zara Phythian) and Brad (Ross O'Hennessy) bust up a drug deal in an abandoned warehouse the duo are sent to help clean up and secure a farmhouse on the property of Richard Kenning (Thomas Dodd).

As night falls and members of the team start to go missing the rest of the team are locked inside the house and Caitlin and Brad must find a way out, but first they must get past something in the shadows. Hunted and desperate to escape they must fight to survive the hordes that feast in the night.

At one point someone asks "Where are we?", "Hell" is the reply, and its apt, as this is a full on intense journey into horror with a great feeling of unease as the tension mounts into a frenzied, blood soaked, battle for survival. Dark, gritty and enthralling this tribal will make you dance to the sound of death all the way through to its its bloody and brutal finale.

What starts as an ensemble piece, and some nice on screen chemistry with Ross O'Hennessy, turns into a one woman show with Zara Phythian as Caitlin dealing with her inner demons, as well as those demon like humans, that are hunting her down. Its credit to Zara after sustaining a knee injury, and multiple surgeries later she wouldn't say its a come back, but its a come back and does she just, its reminiscent to her early work in The Hike as a strong character driven piece. With Zara letting loose to dismember, disembowel and destroy the hordes that get in her way.

This isn't a million dollar big budget film but every penny is on the screen to be seen, with some fine performances (yes David Lee Pickton, Mark Sears, Chris Jones) some smart direction from Matt Routledge and enough action to keep the fans happy, its great British Horror at its Best.

Premiere online 10th August

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