Podcast On Fire 226: No Risk, No Gain & Lucky Stars Go Places

NOrisknogainWere getting stuck into the Alan Tam series with two of his more high profile films, but will Alan Tam be able to stand out from the crowd with so many stars on screen.

I give you another Kenny B and Phil G inspired Alan Tam episode to tickle your fancy.

In this episode, No Risk No Gain (Casino Raiders The Sequel, but it isn’t one) pairs up Alan Tam with Andy Lau once again while Wong Jing takes a backseat and Taylor Wong takes his place as co-director. Uh oh. Also in the second half, the Lucky Stars gang…barely appears and we get another lecherous, silly bunch trying to fill 90 minutes of action-comedy. Cue the rape-jokes. And cue the hosts Kenny B and Eastern Film Fans head honcho Phil G.

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