The Raid – Review

The Raid lands on DVD and Blu-Ray and Eastern Film Fans brings you the review of what people say is the action film of the year so will you be Raiding your piggy bank to pick this up ?

The Raid - Review

Directed by Gareth Evans

Stars: Iko Uwais, Joe Taslim and Yayan Ruhian

The Raid lands on DVD and Blu-Ray and Eastern Film Fans brings you the review of what people say is the action film of the year so will you be Raiding your piggy bank to pick this up ?

The story revolves around a Police unit which raids a block of flats which also doubles as a crime lords head Quarters, the Police unit of 20 men go in lead by the Police chief with orders to take down the Crime Lord.  They start their assault floor by floor keeping a low profile until they reach the sixth floor and the silence is shattered as their covert operation is put at risk and the alarm is sounded.  The crime lord locks the place down and send in his own and neighbouring gangs to take out the Police task force.   Out manned Out gunned and being taken out one by one Rama (Iko Uwais)  our hero must bring together his remaining men Jaka (joe Taslim) and others to take down the crime lord and his gang once and for all.

The word of mouth alone sold me on this movie and it doesn't disappoint its an action rollercoaster ride that you will not want to get off.  Iko Uwais pulls out the stops and shows why he's leading man calibre and with his Silat martial Arts skills he can fight among the on screen greats.  The violence is , well, violent.  Its certainly not for the feint hearted with some blood curdling scenes that will literally make you go OOOOWWWW.

Also a big shout out the Yayan Ruhian who plays Mad Dog and really sets about making his name one to watch as the Crime Lords right hand man.

People may pick holes in the film but a better action film I have yet to see this year, Gareth Evans knows his action a long time lover of the Yesteryear Hong Kong movies its all there on screen for you to see and relive and if you like your action Ballsy, Bloody and Brilliant then The Raid will give your action senses a visual workout.

5 / 5 stars     

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