From the opening scene you are completely drawn in. It starts with an escaped convict breaking into a house in the middle of the night. Cuts to months later, with couple Heather, played by the very impressive Michelle Rose & Kurt Yue playing Mark, moving into the house. They have gone through some hard times recently. Trying to come to terms with the death of their daughter, Mark has lost his job and their marriage is under a lot of strain. This new home is supposed to be their new beginning.  That night they awake to a man searching their home, In self-defence Heather shoots him. Convinced that he has hidden money in their home Mark talks Heather into delaying calling the police, for an hour, so he can search the house for the cash. This just might be the break they need, the new start they both really deserve! Then gangster Woody turns up, with his men, to look for the cash as well…

I had never heard of this prior to watching it to review and was pleasantly surprised at how tight and taunt a thriller it is. A home invasion film, done with style and a difference throughout, to keep you interested. It is fast paced, builds tension beautifully, to the explosive final. Where Michelle Rose gets to let lose on Moody and his men, with some nice creative gunplay and well-staged fight scenes. There is an exceptional use of slow motion in the final, for a gunfight. The best use of slow motion, I have seen in a film for a long time. Michelle Rose is a solid lead, getting to flex her fighting skills and acting. About halfway through, there is a nicely played scene between her and Kurt Yue where the couple talk through their grief and the issues their relationship is having. I think this added more depth for the film, than just it being a home invasion action film. Some might say it slows it down – I think it gives you just the right amount of caring for the two main characters, that you need at this point while watching. Moody played by Michael Aaron Milligan is the standout role for me, he is over the top, but that is what is needed for the part. His wardrobe reminded me of the film The Warriors for some reason while watching it, a very slick and cool character, played very well, by Milligan.

Director Walker Whited is someone to keep an eye on, not too many decent thrillers out there these days, directed with the tensity of this. He does a great job with this little film, everything set in one night mainly, with a very small cast but on top of their game. Have not seen any other film of Michelle Rose she is one to look out for, for all us action fans out there. Kurt Yue is solid as Mark the unlucky husband that is a bit of a wimp, when it comes right down to it. Carlos Aviles as the convict Parker, who sets off the chain of events that make our one night happen. As I said above Michael Aaron Milligan is the one to watch both him and Michelle Rose have something that not too many actors have these days, fantastic screen presence. Stunt Coordinator Keith Splinter Davis, who has worked on a lot of Marvel films including Avengers Endgame and The Black Panther, keeps the action grounded and realistic. The fight scenes are real and nasty, this helps to keep you drawn into what is going on and what will be the plight off our couple By Night's End.

DarkCoast will release BY NIGHT’SEND onto various digital platforms Oct. 6th (Amazon, iTunes, DirecTV,FlixFling, Google Play, Vudu and AT&T).

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