He Had A Normal Life Until They Set Him Up. Now He Wants His Revenge.

Scott Adkins plays Cain a man set up by his own brother Lincoln played by Craig Fairbrass, after asking to borrow money Lincoln suggests he does him a favour, unfortunately for Cain things dont go to plan and he ends up serving time in the worst kind of jail. On his arrival Cain finds out that every inmate wants him dead and he suffers at the inmates and learns the only way to survive is to become one of them, a brutal, unforgiving violent man. Soon Cain will learn the true reason why hes being targeted and the truth will drive Cain to become a killer.

Avengement isn't your average violent flick its a Jesse V Johnson and Scott Adkins collaboration that will literally make you wince and scream with its bloody and brutal portal of man that has been pushed far beyond the edge with only one thing on his mind revenge. Cain being a nice biblical reference which hasn't gone unnoticed, in a tale of bloody revenge and who doesn't enjoy a great revenge film. What is more surprising is the level of violence, to the extent of Cain literally blowing a mans head clean off, I watched it with my wife, she screamed, I laughed, wow it was pure cinematic gold, not because we haven't seen that on screen but it was because Scott Adkins just blew his head clean off, brilliantly unexpected.

This is a quint essentially a British film, i'm not sure that everyone will get some of the references but hell who cares that's what makes it so great. With Jesse and Scott there is a working partnership that pushes each other to bigger and better things, Jesse directing such a nice neatly packaged revenge flick and Scott who gets better as an actor under his direction. I previously interviewed Jesse here and met both of them along with Louis Mandylor at the Fighting Spirit Film festival.

Someone give Jesse a bucket load of cash and go an make the film that both Jesse and Scott deserve to make, a dream project. Id like to see Scott with Jason Statham , Tom Hardy, Idris Elba and Christian Bale in a good old British gangster flick. I have to say that every film I see these two collaborate on from Savage Dog reviewed here to Accident Man reviewed here they just get better.

With a wealth of supporting talent supporting Scott and big shout out to Stunts and fight choreography Luke Lafontaine, Mike Fury, Dean Wlliams, Mark Strange, Dan Styles and Yes I saw you Lee Charles and Matt Routledge getting a Scott Adkins ass whooping.

Avengement deserves a place on your shelf next to every great revenge film Oldboy (Yes the Korean one!), Dead Mans Shoes, Payback and Get Carter, yes I put it up there, yes its a great film and yes you will take your revenge bloody brutal and beautifully crafted.

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