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Accident Man Review
Directed by: Jesse V. Johnson
Stars: Scott Adkins, Ray Stevenson, Ashley Green, Ray Park, Michael Jai White, Amy Johnson, Ross O'Hennessy, Perry Benson, Stephen Donald,  Nick Moran and David Paymer

Scott Adkins is back in action, was he ever away, and brings us a project filled with passion but will this be an accident or is Scott still The Man.

Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins) is a hitman that gets things done and makes them look like an accident, he's the best in the business and if you want to pay for someone to die without raising suspicion then Mike Fallon is your man.  He works out of a pub run by Big Ray (Ray Stevenson) who taught him how to be the best in the business, the pub also brings in the best of the best who pick up contracts to bump off people in their own stylish ways. Mick (Michael Jai White) and Mac (Ray Park) are ex special forces that trash houses to make them look like break inns or Carnage Cliff (Ross O'Hennessy) who kills people with an axe, the contract can go to any one. After finding his ex girlfriend has died Mike discovers not all as it seems and starts to piece together a disturbing number of facts that lead him back to his own comrades that may know more than their letting on.

ACMan5I've only touched the surface on the characters and its worth mentioning Jane the Ripper played by Amy Johnson as a sword wielding Kill bill esq character who, well kills people with some style.  This is something straight out of a comic book 😉  That's cos it is and it does a great job of capturing that rich vibrant comic book flavour.  This is defiantly a labour of love for Scott Adkins you can see the passion on screen and as I said the characters are so rich, they have a depth to them even those like Perry Benson who plays Finicky Fred who has a great idea to kill someone with a band-aid. Also must say a shout out to both Lee Charles and Martyn Ford I saw you.

ACMan3Like I say there's so much to enjoy abut the film I haven't even mentioned the action, and here is something that has continued from working with Jesse on Savage Dog (Check out our review here).  A few scenes really stand out but the kick Scott does against the Triad Biker (Tim Man) is a real nod to Jackie Chan Wheels on meals, its high kicking par excellence.

This feels like alot of time and love went into the feature and also it seems that Scott Adkins and Jesse V. Johnson have really found a formidable partnership that is only going to grow with fourth coming feature The Debt Collector.

Its No Accident, Man, that this is some of Scott Adkins best work to date its a high kicking, pulse racing, kick ass film we can only hope they do a sequel I'm touting 'Another Accident Man'.

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