Avengement Review

He Had A Normal Life Until They Set Him Up. Now He Wants His Revenge.

Scarlett Cross : Agents of D.E.A.T.H a Dean Meadows Interview

We’re loving the new teaser for the film, we can see the grind-house genre has inspired you, what other genres can we expect influences from? I’m a big fan of ‘old-school’ exploitation, so there are several genres and sub-genres from the grind-house era that have influenced ‘Scarlett Cross’, both in the writing and shooting of […]

Scarlett Cross : The Assassin Anthology

Scarlett Cross : The Assassin Anthology On Set Report I caught up with Dean Meadows on the set of his new project Scarlett Cross. This project is like a melting pot of all the genres that have influenced me since I first became interested in cult cinema at a very early age, everything from Hong […]