Scarlett Cross : The Assassin Anthology On Set Report

I caught up with Dean Meadows on the set of his new project Scarlett Cross.

IMAG1176This project is like a melting pot of all the genres that have influenced me since I first became interested in cult cinema at a very early age, everything from Hong Kong martial arts movies to European exploitation and horror. With ‘Scarlett’ and ‘Bitchfight’ I want to bring to the screen old-school exploitation for a new grind-house generation.

The ‘Anthology’ plays out over four short films based around female assassins in the UK underworld and I think the idea is to release the first short, (Volume 1) online as soon as post-production is complete, followed by the full feature version on DVD and Blu-ray at a later date, so the initial online ‘sneak-peek’ will be a very exciting time for us.IMAG1143

This is the first of many planned collaborations between myself and new independent producer Kat Clatworthy who is also starring in the movie. Kat is an awesome producer and an extremely dedicated actress who sets the screen ablaze opposite rising horror and action femme fatale, Maria Lee Metheringham.

So whats next for Dean Meadows ?

Once we unleash ‘Scarlett Cross’ onto the screen we hopefully move straight on to my British ‘grind-house epic’, ‘Bitchfight’ which again stars Kat and Maria alongside legendary Martial Artist and ‘Queen Of Action Movies’ Cynthia Rothrock!

I quickly caught up with Kat Clatworthy 

How did you get started in acting?

IMAG1141I came full circle, I started acting, singing and dancing in school as its what I really enjoyed, when I left school I joined the Airforce, did the whole GI Jane thing 😉 then joined the police force and became a body guard, worked the London Olympics, qualified as a personnel trainer, had a little boy and fell into modelling then became an actress! So I've come full circle and come back to acting which is my childhood dream.

So your acting in Scarlett Cross but also Producer how did that come about?

I applied for a featured role in Bitchfight, with Cynthia Rothrock and got that and me and Dean have been in touch ever since so when Dean's idea for Scarlett Cross came about we sort of fell into it that way.

I thanked Kat and we caught up later in the day, as I tried to capture her energy and beauty on camera, check out the shot of Kat, I believe I did.

In-between rehearsals Maria  Lee Metheringham was gracious enough to answer me on How she became an actress?

I started doing student films whilst I was at university and while I was a dancer, then I liked it so much I thought sod the dancing I want to act instead.IMAG1133

So the action comes quiet natural then because of your dancing background?

The dancing and the Martial Arts go hand in hand because of  the choreography the moves come quite easily.

So How did you get involved in Scarlett Cross?

IMAG1154Dean contacted me, I think he'd seen clips of me doing martial arts online and called me.......Dean shouts Bitchfight........Alot more fighting in that, alot more brutal fighting (Exclusive here BRUTAL!) can be a bit gory actually, I like Gore, I love action horror movies, B Horror movies as well.

At that point the next shoot was being set up and Maria was whisked away charming and lovely were my first impression and that resonated as they day grew on as Maria prepared for her role.

Regrettably it was time to leave, filming was still going strong and I know Dean has something special with his cast and ideas, I wished them the best and hopefully our paths will cross soon but in the mean time keep on the look out for Scarlett Cross The Anthology.

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Check out the official Scarlett Cross Facebook page here

Check out the official Bitchfight Facebook page here

Thanks to Dean, Kat, Maria, Picky and cast for making me feel welcome 😉

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