Scarlett Cross : Agents of D.E.A.T.H a Dean Meadows Interview

We’re loving the new teaser for the film, we can see the grind-house genre has inspired you, what other genres can we expect influences from? I’m a big fan of ‘old-school’ exploitation, so there are several genres and sub-genres from the grind-house era that have influenced ‘Scarlett Cross’, both in the writing and shooting of […]

Scarlett Cross : Agents of D E A T H – Catch up with Kat – Part 2

Did someone say music, what’s the soundtrack going to be on Scarlett Cross @ Agents of D E A T H ? We now have a music artist and music currently under construction for our Scarlett Cross film and its non other than Mr Justin Willis. Justin Willis is equal parts songwriter and performer, creating […]

Scarlett Cross : Agents of D E A T H Catch up with Kat part 1

Welcome back to our latest updates this time we’ve snared Kat Clatworthy Actress & Producer on forthcoming Scarlett Cross : Agents of D E A T H and also set to star alongside Cynthia Rothrock.  It’s turning out to be a wonderful year for Kat but what else can we find out from Kat and […]

Bitchfight – Can You Kick it !

ONLY 30 DAYS TO GET YOUR HANDS ON CYNTHIA ROTHROCK’S BITCHFIGHT!Hot on the heels of the recent press release for Cynthia Rothrock’s forthcoming grindhouse style exploitation epic, Bitchfight, comes the massive announcement that the production has just launched a very special 30 day Kickstarter campaign where you can pre-order an exclusive uncut, unrated, version of […]

Scarlett Cross : The Assassin Anthology

Scarlett Cross : The Assassin Anthology On Set Report I caught up with Dean Meadows on the set of his new project Scarlett Cross. This project is like a melting pot of all the genres that have influenced me since I first became interested in cult cinema at a very early age, everything from Hong […]