Alexander Nevsky will star in “Taken from Rio Bravo”

“Taken from Rio Bravo” is a direct sequel to “Assault on Rio Bravo” which was shot by the same team last spring. New chapter will look more like “Expendables” on the Wild West and tell the story of a dangerous rescue mission.


ITN DISTRIUBTION KICKS OFF 2018 WITH SHOWDOWN IN MANILA STARRING Alexander Nevsky, Casper Van Dien, Mark Dacascos, Tia Carrere, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Matthias Hues, Maria Bravikova LOS ANGELES, CA – November 15, 2017 – ITN Distribution has acquired North American distribution rights to the action thriller SHOWDOWN IN MANILA starring international action star Alexander Nevsky (Black Rose) […]

Matthias Hues Interview

Eastern Film Fans welcomes Mr Matthias Hues to our quick fire question round. The mountain of a man can be seen in some of our favourite films No Retreat No Surrender 2 and Dark Angel and soon to be in the up and coming film Black Rose with Alexander Nevsky. Mathias being huge fans of […]

Scarlett Cross : Agents of D E A T H Catch up with Kat part 1

Welcome back to our latest updates this time we’ve snared Kat Clatworthy Actress & Producer on forthcoming Scarlett Cross : Agents of D E A T H and also set to star alongside Cynthia Rothrock.  It’s turning out to be a wonderful year for Kat but what else can we find out from Kat and […]

Bitchfight – Can You Kick it !

ONLY 30 DAYS TO GET YOUR HANDS ON CYNTHIA ROTHROCK’S BITCHFIGHT!Hot on the heels of the recent press release for Cynthia Rothrock’s forthcoming grindhouse style exploitation epic, Bitchfight, comes the massive announcement that the production has just launched a very special 30 day Kickstarter campaign where you can pre-order an exclusive uncut, unrated, version of […]

Bitchfight just got Bitchin

Bitchfight CYNTHIA ROTHROCK’S ‘BITCHFIGHT’ PAYS HOMAGE TO LATE, GREAT NINJA STAR! It’s been a while since the original promo for Cynthia Rothrock’s forthcoming ‘grindhouse’ style exploitation movie, ‘Bitchfight’ went viral. Then, came the exciting announcement that, ‘The Queen of Martial Arts Movies’ would be reuniting with her, ‘No Retreat No Surrender 2’ co-star Max Thayer. […]

Life of Action

Life Of Action  New book “Life of Action” celebrates the unsung heroes of action cinema New book “Life of Action” offers insight into the world of action genre filmmaking and has already been applauded by both readers and industry professionals. Three years in the making by martial arts and film journalist Mike Fury, the book […]

Scarlett Cross : The Assassin Anthology

Scarlett Cross : The Assassin Anthology On Set Report I caught up with Dean Meadows on the set of his new project Scarlett Cross. This project is like a melting pot of all the genres that have influenced me since I first became interested in cult cinema at a very early age, everything from Hong […]

Bitchfight Reunites Stars

Bitchfight Reunites Stars Almost 30 years after they first appeared together in, ‘No Retreat No Surrender 2’, Hollywood stage and screen actor, Max Thayer, (‘Iron Eagle’, ‘S.W.A.T.’) is set to reunite with ‘The Queen Of Martial Arts Movies’ Cynthia Rothrock, (China O’ Brien,) for the forthcoming UK ‘Grindhouse-style’ action flick, ‘Bitchfight’. Written, produced and directed […]

The Martial Arts Kid

Lets Kickstart The Martial Arts Kid The Martial Arts Kid is a spectacular coming of age family action film that is founded in traditional and mixed martial arts. The Martial Arts kid Stars Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, Cynthia ‘Lady Dragon’ Rothrock and Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace and NEEDS YOU ! Jump over to The Kickstart page HERE […]

BITCHFIGHT Grindhouse Promo

BITCHFIGHT Grindhouse Promo Old-school Exploitation’ for a new ‘Grindhouse’ generation! Ballistic, brutal, hard-hitting UK action movie starring Martial Arts legend, Cynthia Rothrock… coming in 2015! I caught up with Dean and he said “Full production begins in London this Autumn, don’t want to give out any plot details yet, but you can say it’s heavily […]

Vincent Lyn Interview

Eastern Film Fans are proud to present an interview with Mr Vincent Lyn who showcased his martial arts prowess with such icons as Jackie Chan, Cynthia Rothrock and Yukari Oshima  and whose credits include Tiger Cage 1&2, Operation Condor, Outlaw Brothers and Miracles.  Not only an accomplished Martial Artist on and off screen but also […]