BITCHFIGHT Grindhouse Promo

Old-school Exploitation' for a new 'Grindhouse' generation! Ballistic, brutal, hard-hitting UK action movie starring Martial Arts legend, Cynthia Rothrock... coming in 2015!

I caught up with Dean and he said "Full production begins in London this Autumn, don't want to give out any plot details yet, but you can say it's heavily inspired by the Martial Arts/Action/Cult Exploitation movies of the 70's and 80's. From Enter The Dragon to Ilsa... It's being shot in a grindhouse Robert Rodriguez style so I'm billing it as 'old-school exploitation for a new grindhouse generation! Oh... and Cynthia Rothrock more badass than you've ever seen her before!"

Well Im sold Cynthia Rothrock more badass, can that be even possible, guess we'll find out in 2015 but heres an exclusive look at the first 2 minutes of the movie.

[youtube_sc url=""]

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