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Bitchfight Reunites Stars

Almost 30 years after they first appeared together in, ‘No Retreat No Surrender 2’, Hollywood stage and screen actor, Max Thayer, ('Iron Eagle', 'S.W.A.T.') is set to reunite with ‘The Queen Of Martial Arts Movies’ Cynthia Rothrock, (China O' Brien,) for the forthcoming UK ‘Grindhouse-style’ action flick, ‘Bitchfight’.

Written, produced and directed by independent UK filmmaker and cult movie historian, Dean Meadows, ‘Bitchfight’ harks back to the glory days of the 80’s and early 90’s when video stores where lined with low budget action classics from the likes of Golan/Globus, Roger Corman and Cirio Santiago.

“I love the script,” said Max, “Dean is taking a Tarantino styled approach to this project and if he can realize his vision, he might just have an action classic on his hands!”

Max who has appeared with Cynthia Rothrock in three films to date, namely, ‘Martial Law 2’, (aka ‘Karate Cop’,) ‘Sworn To Justice’ and of course the aforementioned fan favourite, ‘No Retreat No Surrender 2’ continued, “The scenes between Cynthia and I are so much fun to anticipate as an actor, we had the same vibe going on in ‘No Retreat No Surrender 2’, so I’m really looking forward to shooting ‘Bitchfight’.”

Writer and director, Dean Meadows stated, “We’re making this movie for all those fans who remember the excitement of going into the video store and anticipating the next release from companies such as Cannon, you know the old-school stuff starring guys like Chuck Norris, Michael Dudikoff and Steve James etc and also the more obscure titles distributed on the Medusa, VPD and Intervision labels. We’re not really focusing on the ‘mainstream’ Martial Arts market, that’s just not my thing, with ‘Bitchfight’ we are going for a much more over the top, brutal ‘Grindhouse-style’ of action… I guarantee ‘Bitchfight’ will not be rated PG-13.”

‘Bitchfight’ producer David Lee Pickton said, “Dean has knocked it out of the ball park with this script and he has a few tricks up his sleeve, it’s a work of genius!”

‘Bitchfight’ is currently set to start shooting in and around London, Birmingham and Manchester in Spring 2015.

For further information and to support the project please ‘like’ the following official facebook pages:

Bitchfight: www.facebook.com/furiousfightingfemales

Dean Meadows: www.facebook.com/deanmeadowsofficialBitchfight
Check out the Promo Trailer below
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