Avengement Review

He Had A Normal Life Until They Set Him Up. Now He Wants His Revenge.

Podcast On Fire 198: The Dragon Family & Casino Raiders

Podcast On Fire 198: The Dragon Family & Casino Raiders Click above to check out Eastern Film Fans waxing lyrical on The dragon Family and Casino Raiders. Yes a double dose of Alan Tam, Andy Lau enjoy 😉 Check out the shows other links Show Links: Podcast On Fire at Stitcher sogoodreviews.com Sleazy K’s Video […]

Life of Action Exclusive

Life of Action Exclusive Mike shared some insight on Robin Shou, exclusively for Eastern Film Fans: “Audiences love Robin in the role of Liu Kang and there’s no doubt he totally owned that part. Anyone who grew up playing Mortal Kombat and enjoying the films will definitely make that association. But it’s fascinating that he […]

Life of Action

Life Of Action  New book “Life of Action” celebrates the unsung heroes of action cinema New book “Life of Action” offers insight into the world of action genre filmmaking and has already been applauded by both readers and industry professionals. Three years in the making by martial arts and film journalist Mike Fury, the book […]