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Dan Styles Lee Charles, Greg Burridge, Beau Fowler and Beau Fowler

These guys took a hell of a beating in Avengement, the brand new film from Director Jesse V.Johnson, writer Stu Small and Scott Adkins. I caught up with the Boys on all things Avengement.

Dan Styles you brought this together as fight co-ordinator how does this evolve from words on a page to what we see on the screen?

There is alot of discussion early on with Scott and Jesse about the direction they want to go in, they said they wanted to do less Martial Arts and more gritty, original and realistic stuff which is what I had done before, but I also knew I had to stick with some of Scott's stuff so pleasing his fans. There's still that kicking element in it but it was interesting to try and put Scott in those situations and merge the two, especially the Bar Fight, and realistically getting through that without it being too stylised.

So how did it work for you guys from a casting perspective, did you go for individual roles or was it a casting call ?

Beau Fowler: For me Scott had seen a short film which I had directed and starred in which did the festival circuit (Express Delivery) he messaged me and said lets talk, and he said there's a character in there id like you to play you might have to audition, I didn't audition, if you'd like it we'd like you to play the part, that was it really. I didn't get much rehearsal we kinda turned up and I met the other actors and that was it. Same for all of you?

Greg Burridge: I got recommended to Scott to play a character in another film and I sent my stuff (That would be a showreel folks) he liked it, I got into this industry to work with people like Scott, he inspired me, for me it was a massive achievement just to get an audition. I chased Scott up and i said any follow up on the audition and Scott said O we've given the role to Ray Park (The Accident Man). I heard Scott was casting for another film and he said he had a role for me if i was interested and I read for him got the part of Stretch in Avengement.

Yes because you have a key scene in the story that tells the character about why he's there?

Greg Burridge: Yes its a key turning point in the film and I was very honoured to play that role.

So we've Followed you Lee on Films Such as Final Score with Dave Bautista, and you certainly have this on screen presence, was it the same for you did you have to audition for the part ?

Lee Charles: I had done three moves before with Scott (Accident Man, Eliminators and Green Street 3) and the producer Jo really wanted to get me involved in what he was filming so my thing was through Jo and Dan and we had worked with Scott before and obviously he has a tendency to enjoy beating me up 😉

Beau Folwer: You have one of the those faces

Lee Charles: Mine was through Jo and Jo put me onto Dan I think originally I was supposed to be another character but they found me something to be involved. But Im the same as Greg Im a big big fan of Scott's for many years even Mark (Mark Strange), all the guys here. I'm one of these guys that even though I come across as that big guy in the background that snarls at everyone I'm probably the biggest geek on set, trying to keep it together. Its great privilege to be involved, to showcase my skills, from watching Bruce Lee as a kid and then to be able to do it myself on film is quite surreal. But with Dan it was a different ball game on this one, a different style of fighting, and I personally think Dan has totally raised the bar on this, he needs to get alot of credit and recognition because the fight scenes are brutal and non stop and the way hes got everyone to work is truly fantastic.

Mark its great to see you onscreen and busting some moves, you worked with Scott back on The Medallion but what was it like working with these guys, you've been in this business awhile now what its like for you as a day to day process ?

Mark Strange: Actually I never worked together on Medallion I shot in Hong Kong also the Twins Effect as well , so its technically three moves with Ip Man 4. Scott contacted me and I've always respected Scott, hes an amazing talent and I always wanted to have a good old scrap with Scott on screen so for me it was amazing he contacted me and I did a self take for Avengement and then I got the role as Cliff. When I got there and I was thinking, when working with Dan, I wanted Cliff to stand out as some Northern nutter, kind of bouncer who just loves to fight, Sharing the screen with Scott is brilliant and it was an absolute pleasure.

Will you be working with Jesse and Stu on anything in the future another accident man maybe?

Dan Styles: All I know is there is an Accident man 2 I don't know much about it, the little I do know I think that's all I can say.

I wont say anything!

Dan Styles: It's happening with Jesse and Scott and I can't say anymore at this stage.

Finally the Eastern Film fans question is if you were stuck on a desert island and you can only take 3 films with you, it can be any genre, what would they be ?

Mark Strange: Rocky, Armour of God & Hard Boiled

Dan Styles: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Rumble in the Bronx, Castaway

Lee Charles: Inception, Chinese Connection (Fist of Fury) , The Godfather 2

Greg Burridge: Avengement 😉 , Kickboxer, Ong Bak and the 1996 playboy Pamela Anderson special (Ed: Im gonna let him have that one)

Beau Fowler: Life is Beautiful, Project A 2, Election or Leon

Thank you very much for taking time to answer our questions and best of luck with the film it deserves every success.

Avengement is OUT NOW to BUY on DVD and BLU RAY

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