Castle Falls – Review By Jamie M MacDonald

Castle Falls is a must for all action fans out there!

Mike Wade, (Scott Adkins) is a washed up fighter, that`s just packed up all his belongings, after humiliating himself at his local Gym. Mike hits the road to get lost for a bit, but hopes to find himself along the way. When he takes a job on the demolition crew at Castle heights hospital, he never would have dreamed to find what could be the answer in there, the find of a lifetime, three million in cash hidden there years ago by Lando (Eric Gray) who is now in prison. There are just a few little problems that stand between him and the loot. Lando knows that the hospital is due to be demolished and strikes a deal with prison guard Richard Ericson (Dolph Lundgren) to find it.  Ericson is a desperate father trying to pay for his daughter`s cancer care, so this is a chance of a lifetime for him. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting that money. Also the gang that Lando stole the money from now know that the money is there and want their property back. The dynamite is packed ready; the demolition crew have set the timer, the clock is ticking. The Castle will fall in ninety minutes! Can the two men Mike and Richard get on just enough to help each other to defeat the vicious gang before the button is pushed, before the Castle Falls?

It`s good to see Adkins and Lundgren on screen together again.  From Universal Soldier: The Day of Reckoning, the Expendables 2, then Legendary to Castle Falls. You can see how comfortable they`re on screen together, it really does shine through here. Yes they do square off against each other, but mainly the exchanges they have are nice dialogue and well-acted little scenes, which is really good to see as it adds to the build-up to the finale. At a running time of just One hour and twenty seven minutes, the film does not waste too much time to get going, but we do get a surprisingly amount of character development at the start. Just enough for us to care about these characters, there some well played scenes between Scott Adkins and actor Vaz Sanchez who plays George – these are great to watch and the heart and soul of the film. The leader of the gang is Deacon Glass played by Scott Hunter, he is probably more known for his stuntman work as a double and stunt performer. He has worked on lots from marvel films, to being Jon Hamm`s stunt double in Richard Jewell, to working on the great TV show that is Cobra Kai. He does get a chance to shine here; his role is the more flashy type villain, played more like a pantomime villain on occasion but it works for the film. Now, let`s talk about the fight scenes, these are gritty and tense,. There are no acrobatic Martial Arts scenes that we are used to seeing from Scott, here the fights are more down to earth, direct and covered well, which adds a sense of real time to them as you know the clock is ticking In-between all this we get some real gritty sometimes savage prison scenes, all this leads to one explosive finale and impressive nonstop action packed finale. We have had the build-up of just under an hour and setting up what will be, all leading to this last just over half an hour. Can Dolph and Scott race against the clock to get out of the building alive and with the loot in hand…

Both Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren act as producers on the film, with Dolph directing.  Written by Andrew Knauer (The Last Stand) The film reminds me of the action films of the 80s and early 90s, it really does have the same feel to it as those straight to video gems that we got back then. Maybe that`s why Dolph directed this, because he knows the genre so well. Either way it was so good to see these action legends, Scott Adkins (why is he not a bigger star) and Dolph Lundgren together. Castle Falls is a must for all action fans out there!

CASTLE FALLS STARRING SCOTT ADKINS, DOLPH LUNDGREN - Available in Theaters, On Demand and Digital Dec. 3

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