I Still Remember Review By Jamie M MacDonald

I still Remember is an inspiring film, it gives you so much hope while watching it.

At a primary school reunion dinner, which is attended by Lee's former Physical Education teacher Mr Wong, played by Patrick Tam. Lee rekindles his friendship with Mr Wong and promises to attend his camp for running training. While there Lee befriends Yu, she is there to lose weight, so that she can go to Japan and run with her idol. All three are at a crossroads with their lives and find inspiration through running and each other. Mr Wong is a man of his word and he will keep his promise to his wife, to run a 10K marathon for their 20th wedding anniversary. Lee has not really achieved much since leaving school; he has no purpose, while really not trying in a job that he hates in real estate. Can running and actually trying while doing so, give him back the focus and purpose that he lost in his life. As Mr Wong has said to him since he was child. “For Once in Your life, cheer yourself on”

I still Remember is a uplifting sports drama, where running is secondary to what is going on in the everyday ups and downs of all three main characters. Running helps them, believe in themselves and due to this; I still Remember is an inspiring film, it gives you so much hope while watching it. At the end of the day, we are all looking for love in our lives. Love for our partner, your family and your friends are all very important. The film shines through trying to study all these types of love. From the way it is directed you can feel all these emotions, and while watching the film you can see the passion and heart that writer director Lik Ho poured into it. For me it was saying that the biggest challenge in life is you. You are the biggest obstacle in your life that you will need to overcome. Come to love yourself first. As Mr Wong says (I love this quote) “For Once in your life, cheer yourself on” The acting from all he cast is solid. For me, the standout performance is that of Toby Choi Zhou Tang as Yu. She is the heart of the film. The scenes between her and Wu Tsz Tung who plays Lee are the best in the film. Patrick Tam is wonderful as Mr Wong and he drives the other two characters all the way to the moving finale of the film, the 10K marathon. The film contains truly stunning cinematography from O Sing Pui, who is a producer on the film. The whole film is very well framed, you feel as if you are actually running with them and you feel the blood, sweat and tears of each lead as they run…

I do love a sports drama and I Still Remember did not disappoint….

Trailer below and catch this at the as part of the festival 31 March to 6 April – Easter Edition 2021


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