“We transport anything that regular post carrier’s cant. We`ll Deliver anything anyway we can”

Jang Eun-Ha (Park So-dam) works at a junkyard by day in Bussan; at night she is a Special Delivery driver. Special deliver drivers deliver anything by any means possible! Eun-Ha just happens to be the best in the business; her Boss Baek (Kim Eui-sung) says she is the best he`s ever seen, in fact he thinks she is better than him in his day! Together Boss Baek and Eun-Ha handle the more unusual requests, for a certain type of cliental and they always get the job done. When a job comes into collect a father and son in Seoul, a reluctant Eun-Ha says yes, but she does not trust who the job came from but agrees for more of a split between her and Boss Baek. Unknown to Eun-Ha the father is involved in a gambling crime and wants to flee with his son overseas. At the pickup point Eun-Ha meets the son Seo-Won (Jung Hyeon-jun), but sees his father pursued by gangsters, Hun-Ha goes to drive away but the boy pleads to her to let him into the car. Now the pursuit is on for the gangsters will not stop until they have the boy, in their because in his possession he has security fob key his father stole to a bank account holding 30 million dollars.

Written and Directed by Park Dae-Min this is one slickly planned and made action crime thriller that both draws on and pays homage to The Transporter. In particular, the introduction for us to see Eun-Ha driving skills - before the main plot of the film is revealed.  Honestly what an introduction to her character it is to. After this opening scene, this is where the comparison stops. Once Eun-Ha and Seo-Won meet the film truly kicks off, the villains reveal how nasty they are plus how far they are willing to go to get the money. It is often very violent at their hands; by the end of the film, I was shouting for Eun-Ha to sort them out, it is that edge of your seat a thriller.

I read before making the film Park So-Dam underwent went for 3 months extensive car driving and stunt training, I think this preparation, the commitment she had for the role, shines through on screen... She is exceptional in this film, so charismatic, with a cool demanding screen presence. I was completely blown away by her performance. In particular her scenes with young actor Jung Hyeon-Jun, these are the stand out bits of the film for me. Now, all the tension and brilliantly directed build up to the finale, will not prepare you for how explosive and nail biting this finale is. Personally, I think it is the best finale I’ve seen this year. It is where Kim Eui Sung as Baek gets to shine a little as well, from the start his scenes with Park So –Dam are mesmerizing, funny and quirky, you know they have some sort of heavy back story. Which is expertly structured into the story to build to the finale, where Park Son- Dam and Kim Eui Sung get to take out the bad guys and the time the end scenes come, you are rooting for them to do so, here we are introduced to Eun_Ha`s fighting skills and Park So-Dam handles these as masterfully as the driving scenes.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed Special Delivery, yes, the actual end is predicable but it is the only end that I think is acceptable to you after you watch the film, after you have gone through what all these characters have gone through, but don’t take my word for it… Go and watch one of the most enjoyable Korean films of the Year!

Signature Entertainment presents Special Delivery on Digital Platforms 22nd August

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